Remember your Magnavox?

I got my Cambridge Sonata CD-30 the other day and have not stopped listening to it since.
I use a Benchmark preamp DAC and the sound amazes me. I have not been this impressed with CD's since I first heard them through my original Magnavox player way back when.
It's like re-discovering something lost. I haven't looked at a record or my iPod in days. I have a lot of listening to do.
I still have my first Magnavox CD player w/FTS favorite track selection feature that got all the accolades in the early/mid 80's-but it's in the storage unit! CDP650 or something like that. Jeez, I tried that thing out for fun a year or two ago and it sounded horrible. I loved it dearly when I didn't know better. Fast forward thirty I going to look back to now and say the same thing?
My early 80s FD1000 is sitting out in the other room....needs a laser if anyone can help!
TD1540 chipset of 14 bit, to boot.
I still have the Mod Squad Compact Disc Damper that was all the rage back then.
I have a mod squad disc damper too. I still use it on my discs that still have those rings. I also use a Herbies compact disc damper on my others. I think it sounds as good as Herbies. any thoughts?
I just sold one ,it was ok but when it gets right to it ,its fun being romantic, but they are are nothing like a modern day player
I had a CDB465 back in 1987 (like a 650 w/o remote) and had it modded by MS Brassfield. I really liked at the time and it restored my faith in digital after my initial, well, horror, with an early Panasonic $150 player.