Remember your fellow audiophiles in NC

Thankfully I’m 200 miles from the coast. I just started getting the rains here.
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Good luck and be safe!
I was working in Aberdeen and was ordered to leave Wednesday by my CEO.
Not about to argue with that!
Hope you don't get hit too hard.
Oops slaw, shoulda posted my best wishes here instead of on the other thread. Again, hope the storm passes with minimal damage inflicted.
Best wishes to all in the path of the hurricane and remember no possession, not even your stereo, is worth your life!
Thanks all...I'll continue posting.
Might be worth the wife's life though....
@uberwaltz LMAO just pray if you go that route the wife doesn't make it come  and find you and your beloved system!
Stay safe all.  Good luck with the clean-up once things calm down.  
I'm in Montgomery co and power was out 16 hours. Blew a fuse in my preamp. Listening now