Remember the year and first vynil you ever bought?

Mine was Queen (The Game), purchased in 1980 at age 7. Thinking back and I'm sure my mom drove and treated on that occasion. Thanks mom.
Sgt. Pepper's in the summer of '67, which actually my 4-year-older brother bought for himself when I was 7. Whenever he was listening to it I knew it to be a recording I wanted to get into - but, he wouldn't let his little-kid brother in on his listening sessions, so I had to sneak an infrequent listen when I could, whenever he wasn't around. I think by that winter, Magical Mystery Tour had come out and, after that became his prime focus, his iron grip on Sgt Pepper's relaxed a bit. It was the first rock album I ever fell stone in love with.
OK. No laughing here. I'm dating myself, but here goes. First vinyl was a 45(counts as vinyl, right) in July or August 1965. Rolling Stones: I Can't Get No Satisfaction; B-side - The Under-Assistant West Coast Promotion Man. Bought that bad boy at Woolworths in Coatesville, PA at age XX(yeah...). Got it home, put it on the RCA table my folks had. Got me an hour in my room when my dad heard it!!!!

Still have that bad boy here in NC now. Haven't played it in over 30 years, but it's still in the original jacket and all. My TT now doesn't play 45's, so it's on hold. Great question Brinmeliss that give me a smile and brought back some memoires on a Sunday afternoon.

Thanks.....I Can't Get No, na na naaaaaa!!!

My first was Lawrence Welk does polka favorites. The year was 1946 and it was a 78 rpm recording. To this day it is on my top ten of all time. I play it every day and it still gets my toes a tappin!
Glen Campbell's 'Galveston' in Woolworths in lower Manhattan. That was in 1969, when I was 11 going on 12. Was waiting with my mom for Sterling Optical to finish making my glasses.

"More Greatest Hits," Connie Francis, 1962. Had a crush on her when I was a kid. Although I no longer care for most of the music she recorded, I still consider that when in her prime she had one of the best combinations of voice, talent, looks, and versatility (recording numerous genres in approximately 15 different languages), of any non-classical, non-opera female singer I have ever heard.

-- Al
1954 Let Me Go Lover by Joan Weber
It was a 78.I looked at it wrong one day and it cracked
1st record was one of those two lp Johnny Cash Sun Records hits compilations that were always being advertised on TV. Year was ~1967.

1st store bought album a recall buying was a Quadraphonic version of Deep Purple Machine Head from the local Lafayette Radio store.
Embarrassingly it was in 1973 and was Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting. The single was the only good songon the whole LP!

Soon thereafter, was Elton John - Captain Fantastic. That was the first album I played over and over and over. It was 1975 I think.
1962 and I was 6 years old. DeeDee Sharp, "The Mashed Potato". Cost $0.98, $1.01 after sales tax. Emptied my piggy bank. Man, sometimes I remember some dumbshit stuff.
"Are you Experienced" 1967 when I was 11 years old with my own money.
(My first 45 was "big girls don't cry" in 1962 with some help from my folks)
I'm just glad to now know with no uncertainty that I'm a youngster compared to you boys and girls!!! LOL
Summer of '64, Beachboys," I get around" I wore it out playing it so much that by the time school started in the fall I had to buy a new one.
Was in the summer of '74 when I bought "Rock The Boat"-Hues Corporation. I earned $1 by washing my grandfathers dark green 1970 Duster. Still recall going to the 7-Grand shopping mall with my grandparents and having a very difficult time picking out my first 45(lol)!
1967. It was a 45. Side A was "Piece of My Heart", and side B was "Down on Me" by Janis Joplin. It was my only record for a month, or more, until I got another dollar to buy another record.
1972. Mark, Don, and Mel, Grand Funk.I will have to see if I still own it tonight.Hopefully it has no peanut butter on it.
My first was a 45, a CCR's Have you ever seen the rain on one side, Hey tonight on the other. Can't remember what year it was
Beatles "Day Tripper" and the Stones "Paint It Black." Both were 45's and bought in 1966 or 67.
It was 1972 and my first vinyl purchase was Go All The Way by the Raspberries. As I was just turning into a teenager, what horny kid wouldn't want this record because of the lyrics?
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Benny Goodman Live at Carnegie Hall, about 1967. Didn't truly buy it but rather permanently borrowed it from my Dad. Does that still count ?
Sometime in the late 50's, I can't rember, Franky Limon, " Teenager in Love", I think, on 78
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David 12,Frankie Lymon and the teenagers started recording in 1955.First song was Why Do Fools Fall In Love.
I believe Dion recorded Teenager In Love later that decade.
Great songs either way.I still listen to the oldies and remember when they were newies
I remember shoveling snow to save for 'Light My Fire", finally reaching the 98 cents I went to Kressges, Davis Square, Somerville. Made my purchase and rushed home to listen....all I here is this Spanish guy singing my favorite song poorly..I was devastated. I had grabbed Jose Feliciano's version of Light My Fire.

It has been uphill from there and I still love the Doors.
1878, "Mary had a Little Lamb"- Tom Edison. Still waiting for aluminum foil/cylinder re-issues, I need a copy of The White Album in yet another format.
1980, Supertramp, Crime Of The Century was the LP. 1980 and onward was the beginning of my hi-fi journey and collection of recorded music.
Local radio station KDWB 63 compiled a album of 1963 top music called "63 dream hits"
Summer of 1972 and it was a 45 of the Raspberries "Go All the Way". My neighbor Edmund Malama and I played it on my mom's Zenith hifi on a cart with the flower pot speakers until it drove her batty.
around 1970, cut out from the back of a cereal box (I know, its not "vinyl"), I think is was the Monkees "Last Train to Clarksville". Around same time, Up, up and away (5th dimension), and Crocodile Rock/Eldeberry Wine on a 45. My music choices have changed, but still a vinyl addict.
First LP Beach Boys, All Summer Long, maybe '64. Not sure about first single (45).
Does "tee shirts, cut-off's and a pair of thongs" mean the same thing now as it did then?
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It' has probably been a topic on here before but I'm em enjoying all the posts. A walk down memory lane, pretty cool. Thanks for the responses. Best.
Dsper, my neighbors and I delivered newspapers to the house where Iron Butterfly lived, in San Diego, way before they were popular.
My first 'vinyl' LP record.....
was Rolling Stones, Got LIVE If You Want It. 1966
(I was 14)
First vinyl I bought was Bill Haley & The Comets, "Rock Around the Clock" on a 45. I believe that was 1955 and I was 13. That was after receiving a Steelman portable radio/record player for Christmas. The first LP was "Party Doll" by Buddy Knox, I think in 1957.

My family always had a record player which they continued to use even after buying our first TV. As a kid I received a few 78 albums for Christmas and such but those were not vinyl. They were truly albums and included 4 or 5 records each. Those included Spike Jones' "Nutcracker Suite", Gene Autry singing western songs, and "Bozo Under the Sea" by a popular clown character of the time.

So, does this admission make me the oldest fart here?
In 1955 my local record shop sold 45's @ 79 each or 3 for $2.00.Taking advantage of the sale my first purchase of 45's
Down The Road by The Cadillac's
The Verdict by The 5 Keys
Don't Ever Leave Me by The Rivileers.
All my friends listened to Alan Freed on WINS and loved the music
Bought countless 45's since the early 60's when the Beatles were the biggest, hottest, hippest thing to hit the airwaves. I didn't buy an lp until '71 when the Black Sabbath "Paranoid" release became available in the U.S. Had to Wiki that to get the date correct.
1977. Slave's self titled album. Mark Adams, may he rest in peace, was the greatest Funk bassist of his time.