Remember the Ringmat? You should!

One of the most affordable and best upgrades to my Woodsong Gerrard 301 is the British made Ringmat!
Man, I had almost forgotten about mine. It was still on my old TT (Kuzma Stabi Stogi). It was a great improvement back then but I thought I didn’t need it on my new 301 since it already had the cool Puresound Tenuto gunmetal mat. That was $400. The Ringmat is under $100. But the difference in sound is huge!
everything just came into focus and it is punchy as hell. Why did I wait so long to check it out!
Ringmat is made of compressed paper. Obviously better damping than a steel mat! Sell that steel mat if you can!

Why love this kit born when I was in short trousers?

Please google Woodsong Gerrard 301.
I just replaced a copper mat for a cork/rubber mat on my Garrard 301, this was done because of a newly mounted cartridge.
Metal mat tends to accentuate certain frequencies, in some setup, the copper will sound better. It all depends on the turntable components as a whole and your listening preference. 
I'm experimenting with a magnesium mat on my Ariston RD11 TT. That's a very dead-sounding metal! So far the results are very good! This TT uses two very thin rubber rings embedded in the alloy platter for minimal contact with the LP. I also use a record weight. 
Turntable mats are like seasonings on food. They certainly make an important difference, but no one of us is in a position to say whether the perceived difference that one guy hears is right or wrong. Like salt and pepper, it’s a matter of taste. Or as Frank Sinatra said about his favorite bourbon, I’m for whatever gets you through the night. Especially during these times.