Remember the Jafco Catalog?

All you people from the PNW will remember this place, bought lots of stuff from their store. See more photos in the link below.

My Kenwood KA-8004 integrated and JBL L25 speakers bought at the Tacoma Jafco are featured on that page! Yellow with orange grilles just as pictured, bought at serious markdown. Ugly as hell but the same great (for then) JBL sound. Bought my Pioneer tuner there too. Still have the tuner, as well as the Technics turntable bought around the same time frame. But the first wife took the Kenwood when she left. (Jeannie... never mind. She can have it.)

This was back in high school, we would drive from Puyallup to Tacoma and hang out at the Jafco. They had all the speakers and components connected to a panel you could hear almost any combination and I spent so much time there I knew the panel better than the sales guys! Even back then I was serious enough to pester them into hooking the speakers up directly so they’d be in the right location and not going through the switching panel.

My friend Doug bought his JBLs and Pioneer integrated there too. We were very knowledgeable and sophisticated for back then, only used the thickest lamp cord to connect our speakers! Cut them the same length! And even tinned the ends! lol!

Man those were the days!
I sold a lot of that equipment at the audio store I worked in from 1972 to 1985.  Brought back great memory’s.  I remember how proud I was when I bought a Sony TC377 R to R recorder and later on got a Teac A3400S R to R at a salesman accommodation direct from Teac at 50% of retail. I distinctly remember the day the UPS driver delivered it to the store for me.  It was at the beginning of my shift and I had to wait 12 hours to play with it as I was working 9 to 9 that day.  That was the longest day of my life.  Thanks for sharing and the memories.