Remember the Electric Light Orchestra

Anyone on this forum remember ELO? I have all of their original albums from the 70's and 80's but they are starting to show a little wear from play... Wonder why they have not re-released their best work on good quality, heavy duty vinyl? Seriously, Jeff Lynne is a bona fide musical genius.

I'm ready to re-buy all their albums!
Darkmoebius - I caught that tour in Portland, ME in 1978 as well. I was 14. Spaceship stage, lasers, etc. Awesome show - still have the tour book and ticket stub.
Like you im buying all their studio albums on Vinyl, I've bought all except 1 which is Zoom. If anyone has it and would like to part with it please let me know 
Fortunate to see them in the late 70's. It was a very good concert and they sounded excellent at that particular venue. Can't remember the warm up act.🍄🥳
I wonder if Jeff Lynn is having a feud with old band mates, label or publishing or problems with the old tapes as I think he rerecorded some of the ELO hits a few year ago