Remember the Electric Light Orchestra

Anyone on this forum remember ELO? I have all of their original albums from the 70's and 80's but they are starting to show a little wear from play... Wonder why they have not re-released their best work on good quality, heavy duty vinyl? Seriously, Jeff Lynne is a bona fide musical genius.

I'm ready to re-buy all their albums!
I'm ready to re-buy all their albums!


The point of this thread was ??
I guess that I was bored and needed something to fill the hours... :)

Just wondering why they haven't gotten around to re-releasing ELO; I mean they are constantly re-releasing so many other artists' work from the 1970's... Of course, if you don't appreciate Jeff Lynne's work, why answer the thread...
Because it was there.
Of course, if you don't appreciate Jeff Lynne's work, why answer the thread...

Its nothing against his work, but you yourself even say :

I guess that I was bored and needed something to fill the hours... :)

So, you kinda left the door wide open for comments.

Maybe you have seen this site before (?)and if not maybe you will find some albums you are interested in :
Why not just buy some nice clean used copies of the ELO LPs you desire - they're common enough and for the most part sound pretty good too. While they may not be the last word in extension or detail, I find them quite musically involving - an artifact I'm sure whatever over-zealous knob twiddler they find to "remaster" (an oxymoron if there ever was one) the LPs will promptly dispose of in favor of hi-fi wizardry.

There ought to be a Hippocratic Oath that audio engineers, and particularly mastering engineers are sworn to: Do No Harm.

One of the first concerts I went to as a kid(13 yrs old) was ELO's "Out Of The Blue" tour at Anaheim stadium in 1978. The stage was a giant lighting-laden recreation of the spaceship on the album that hydraulically opened to reveal the band complete with a Laserium laser light show. Mind-blowing at the time, but pretty cheesy now in hindsight.

Here's a great account of the tour technical details

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5
Done that already; I have at least 5 copies of 'Out of the Blue' that I purchased off of Ebay; just wondering if MFSL took a stab at these recordings what we would end up with.

The MFSL pressing of "The Cars" debut album sounds pretty darn good...
Remember the Electric Light Orchestra

Unfortunately,yes.The link Riley804 provived above hits the nail on the head.
I remember studying for a science exam in high school to their music. After the test, we had to stay put in the room till everyone was finished, and I still recall, many years later, replaying that music in head while sitting there. Haven't heard them in years though, have to have another listen. Wonder if my science exam will come back to me while I listen?
Not so, so long ago they (sort of) reformed under the name "The Orchestra" with original member Bev Bevan (IIRC) and a new singer - Parthenon Huxley (aka P. Hux, Rick Rock, Rick Miller). P. Hux was an early songwriting collaborator with E of Eels, and has been a longtime favorite of mine. This past July,I contaced P Hux about performing an ELO heavy set for my wife's birthday party - and he was available. In the end, we went another way, but it was fun revisiting all those old ELO tunes in the process.

BTW, I'm a fan of Jeff Lynne, but I'm not so sure that Roy Wood wasn't the real genius in this band - if only briefly.
Try the 'Out of the Blue' album, probably their best overall. 'A New World Record' is excellent also..
Saw them open for Wishbone Ash, around '73 or '74. Tampa, Fl
Wishbone Ash? Never heard of them, but love the name...

Who was the best, WA or ELO?
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They were both excellent British bands. I was into to both at the time so it was a real treat. At that time ELO was not at their mainstream super star status.. I liked them better before they went mainstream.
just fyi (if you're looking for it), "Eldorado - A Symphony by The Electric Light Orchestra" was the title of the album with cover art featuring the red slippers from the Wizard of Oz.
I love ELO. If you bicycle, I highly recommend them for your iPod. Lots of fun!
On the Third Day and Eldorado are killer records. Yes, Jeff is a genius. Yes, Roy Wood is an even greater one.
Buy 'Message From The Country' by The Move...A life changer.
Okay then, everyone email Mofi at their website and ask them to contact Jeff or whomever owns the rights to the original master tapes and lets get some re-issues!!!

Elizabeth, I have to say that the ELO Eldorado album cover is probably my favorite of all time....close behind in second would be the cover on Nirvana's 'NeverMind'....
Hello. How are you?
Have you been alright, through all those lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely nights
That's what I'd say. I'd tell you everything
If you'd pick up that telephone yeah yeah yeah
WA is still around and still rocking. I've seen them twice fairly recently.
They did the best cover version of 'Roll over Beetoven', by Chuck and his berries.
Second the Move recommendation. Their Looking On album was a great one too, it marks a period, but will always be good. Recording quality might not work for some, but once the stuff has printed in your head that won't matter much. Not the most prolific band but they provided a pretty cool flavor that wasn't available anywhere else.
If you like ELO you should get the Zoom Tour DVD. IT has a killer version of Roll Over Beethoven and a cute backup singer and great band.
ELO Zoom

Yes, I got the Zoom Tour DVD last year and you are right it is FANTASTIC. It's right up there with the Eagles', Hell Freezes Over concert on DVD. If you are a ELO fan you MUST get the Zoom Tour DVD.
ELO and Eagles in the same sentence does NOT compute. ELO is way cool. Eagles after Desperado is commercial swill.
Always felt that ELO got worse instead of better over time. On the Third Day and Eldorado were both really good efforts, but then their music seemed to get less interesting as they seemed to be chasing popularity. I suppose selling lots of albums and making lots of money isn't a bad thing ... They weren't the only band to evolve in that way during that period: Genesis being a notable example of the trend as well.
This version of 'Roll over' kicks ass.............

Mik Kaminski also taught me music at college back in the day many moons ago, well he tried to anyway,lol.....................
I've seen the new Apples In Stereo album get lots of comparisons to ELO.
ELO founding memmer(and Cellist) Mike Edwards was killed Friday in a freak accident. A 900 lb bale of hay rolled down a hill, jumped a 15 ft ledge, and fell onto his van as he was driving by, killing him instantly
What were the odds of that tragic accident happening?
When your time is up...
09-07-10: Martykl
When your time is up...
There's no escaping the bale of hay?
He was just driving down a country road (B road) with hedges (I assume) on either side, that would have obscured his view, I mean those country lanes are usually only wide enough for one vehicle, the last thing one is looking at is the hedges on each side looking out for wayward hay bales.
I think I read that the bale of hay crashed through the hedge.
Poor chap indeed.
Darkmoebius - I caught that tour in Portland, ME in 1978 as well. I was 14. Spaceship stage, lasers, etc. Awesome show - still have the tour book and ticket stub.
Like you im buying all their studio albums on Vinyl, I've bought all except 1 which is Zoom. If anyone has it and would like to part with it please let me know 
Fortunate to see them in the late 70's. It was a very good concert and they sounded excellent at that particular venue. Can't remember the warm up act.🍄🥳
I wonder if Jeff Lynn is having a feud with old band mates, label or publishing or problems with the old tapes as I think he rerecorded some of the ELO hits a few year ago