Remedy for Spendor 2/3 bass deficiency?

Greetings forum,

Recently I've come to the realization that, while I love my 2/3s' for everything else (except perhaps "soundstage" or "imaging"), the bass just ain't there. I know I can't get a better speaker for the money I paid for these used, and in order to boost bass, I'd have to move them closer to the wall or possibly find some shorter stands (currently at 21").

Amp=Musical Fidelity A3 integrated; CD=Arcam Alpha 9 or Sony SACD/DVD 555ES; Analog=VPI HW 19 w/Benz Micro M2; CD interconnect=DH Labs air dielectrics;speaker cable=homemade 8 AWG into each terminal

Any suggestions welcome.
A Marchand Bassis.
Hey Messamuse,

The manner in which you refered to your current stand height makes me wonder whether you have truely ideal stands or not? A really solid, weighty 4 post stand will have a pretty remarkable effect on any monitor's low-end reproduction (amongst other things). Probably the best stands for Spendor monitors are the models Sound Anchors offer. They build versions specifically to suit the various speakers in the Spendor line and are pretty widely aknowledged as being the best at it. Look 'em up on the 'net and give 'em a call. We are very pleased with the custom 4 posts they just built to fit or Meridian surrounds and center. Good guys.

Happy Trails!