Remastering my own cd's

Hey, can I rerecord (is that a word?) or in a amature way remaster my old cd's?
I am thinking about going straight from cd to amp. (wadia or what else should I consider)
I think this makes the original recording ultimate critical for my listening pleasure. I dont care about what the original sounds like I paid my hard earned $$$ for what I like. I kind of like some effects and equalization is a must. But I might want to record the same music different ways.
When I grow up I want to be a studio engineer but I got to have a day job.)wife and kids and eat thing(

Am I out in right field or what, has anyone else ever tried this? is it software, hardware, or whatever?

I like mainly classic r&r and modern alternative, the rock recorded the worst.

Any help or suggestions appreciated, getting the new imac with the dvd burner but I need this recorded material to play in a meridian or possibly wadia cd player and installing new audio system in car(need help there also). Would like media to play in all.

The idea of "rerecording" cd's in your method is not the answer. Buy yourself a decent computer with a cd-rw capability and a sound card (software) for editing your cd's. Also a "toast&jam" software will be necessary to get you started. This is the cheapist and most practicle solution to your problem. Good-luck
Probably the only reasonable way to *try* and do this is through software. (I don't believe a dedicated installation is a real option in this case, given the cost). However, even using a computer for this purpose can get much harder than it would seem, especially if one's looking for top-notch sound. A pro sound card and a good program are a must. The CD writer should ideally be compatible with all of the formats out there, in order to make sure it will be compatible with your listening hardware (try Plextor or Mitsumi). I would recommend investing in these only if you have a lot of patience and/or you know exactly what you're after and how to obtain it (soundwise) as every change made on the original sound file can have dramatic effects. Nice project, as a hobby, but be prepared to spend a lot of time on it. Good luck.
If I understand you correctly you want to have a little creative fun with your existing CD collection. The only cost effective way to go is a computer based setup. I would avoid the iMac, it doesn't allow for expansion cards which you'll need for digital I/O. My own setup is a G4 with a RME I/O card; the A/D is an outboard Apogee Rosetta. You might want to consider the Lynx Two card. It has 192kHz/24bit digital conversion, a software mixer and has a reputation for excellent sonics. For software I recommend t.c. works SparkXL. It's a professional quality, 2 channel mastering programs with effects (reverb, EQ, limiter, compressors, etc.) The total cost is a little over $3,000, but it will give you a powerful platform for sonic manipulation. It will also allow for future software and hardware expansion.