Remastered "Born to Run" on vinyl?

Is there any reason to believe that the remastered version of Bruce's "Born to Run" is ever going to come out on vinyl? If there ever was an otherwise fabulous record that needed some serious sonic improvement, this is it. Thanks. -- Howard
Remastering won't help very much. The overdubbing was so intense on that album that it is always going to sound conjested and murky. Great music.
Classic records released a 30 yr anniversary pressing back in 05.
by its very nature, born to run was recorded to sound like it sounds. like a vintage rock and roll record. i'm sure one day another vinyl pressing may happen, but the original master tapes are what they are 'on purpose'.
An original Columbia pressing is as good as it gets.

There ain't no more.
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Bruce's best in my opinion. On his tour in 1978 I saw him play in St. Louis at the Kiel Opera House on a Thanksgiving night - a 4.5 hr show. I was worn out following his show but man could this band rock - tight, crisp and full of energy. Bruce, Max, Clarence, Stevie and others gave it their all. Probably the best show I have ever seen.