remastered EMI pink floyd

Anyone yet heqar the new remastered version of Dark Side of the Moon? I truely dont hear a difference---Am I missing something?What differences-if any-have you folks encountered?Do I need a trip to an audiologist?
Are you talking about the 5.1 Dark Side remix done by James Guthrie? Pink Floyd is licensing a lot of their material to record companies now for all kinds of new content. The Immersion sets are a good example....
I have it, but I've only compared it to my cd. The cd sounds "enhanced" compared to the emi lp, exaggerated dynamics in particular. Since getting the lp, I haven't looked back.
Hey Poprhetor:
I did a bit of digging today and that remastered Dark Side LP is just the original Alan Parson's mix. No remixing. No attempt to add anything (or add dynamics); what you are hearing is closer to Alan's finished master tapes, as approved by the band.
Anybody tired of re-masters, re-issues, re-mixes, re-releases as much as me?

It's getting re-ally old.

Just wondering.
Yup. Especially considering the fact that "They" re-issue the same stuff over and over and over and over again. How many more re-issued re-releases of "Kind of Blue" or "Folk Singer" or "Getz/Gilberto" or any Hendrix, Patricia Barber, Who, Stones, Zeppelin, we really need???

How about some of that great music from the CD forever era that's been digitally locked away for 20+ years? I'd take the three Richard Thompson's albums from the early 90's, all of Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan's Real World recordings, kd Lang's Ingenue...the list goes on and on. How about seminal LPs that need to be reissued so more people can gain familiarity with the music - Television's "Marquee Moon" is a good example.

That's what they do between major format changes.
Can you still hear the Beetles on part of it? I heard part of DSOTM was recorded over original Beetles master tapes and you can still hear a little bit?
I'll ask the guys who did the recent remasters but that sure sounds like a story. How would the Beatles masters (Capitol) get into Alan Parsons (the original DSOTM recording engineer) hands?
Think they just do it to raise the price. With the millions they have made I can't see any reason their vinyl is so much more expensive than anyone else. Come on $39 for Lp's that are years old and virtually no cost to reissue.
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There are no "great" CD versions of DSOTM the only good ones are vinyl 1993 Capitol and a 2011 quad mix Blu-ray one all the rest are compressed. I've got at least 6 of them, and don't enjoy any like the vinyl I used to have

Cheers George
It all depends on how bad the original mixes were. The remixes of the early Zappa catalog are tremendous. Same for the early Zeppelin records and the early Pink Floyd records prior to Dark Side. By Dark Side they had gotten the Hang of it and were making great mixes mostly because their equipment was much better. There are still several ways to mix an Album depending on what format you want to sound best. An LP mix will not sound as good as it could in High Res digital.