Remastered Dylan New Morning Great - The Others?

This is an audio joy! Sony/Columbia's March 2009 remaster/remix makes this 1970 country-Dylan shine with improved soundstage, greater all around clarity, crisper sonics, and reveals musical layers loss in the inexplicably poor original mix. Toss even the original record as this CD edition sets the standard for this recording. Fans of this overlooked classic will revel in these revitalized hearing of long familiar Dylan songs as they reveal sonic warmth and detailed acoustic musicianship previously obscured. The playful "Dogs Run Free" with its 50's beat poet lyrics and gorgeous scat singer in the background now jumps out of your speakers. Play this on good electronics (tubes!!) and you'll fall in love again with this rare glimpse of a contented family man enjoying a pause from his pop icon joy ride through American culture. How do the other recent remastered Basement Tapes, Before the Flood, and Dylan & Dead compare?
I picked up the remastered New Morning a couple of weeks ago. Ditto on the "If Dogs Run Free". The remastered Basement
Tapes is done very well also. The cover of The Basement Tapes is itself worth getting the vinyl.