Remake of "Stairway to Heaven" Blasphemy

Actually I really like this cover by, get this, Dolly Pardon. I have always had a soft spot for Dolly and love The Trio. On this release she goes back to roots, more blue-grassy. Nice.
That ain't nothin'; try Pat Boone's version on his album "In A Metal Mood". He also does covers of tunes by Metallica. A must have.
Anyone singing that would be an improvement. What an over-rated bunch of #@%&*!
Nrchy, Your opinion is just that. YOUR opinion. There are certain types of music that don't exactly float my boat but I don't feel the need to bash them on A'gon. If ya don't like it, DONT BUY IT!
blkadr, if by chance you have any way of playing in song backwards, see if you can discern a pharse in the following lyrical line~ "yes there are two paths you can go by,.......the road your on. i have a few zep boots that still have the info, not touched by Grant/Page in the mixing, it would be interesting to hear dolly with a satanic message.....

an ole zeppelin worshipper(not satanic) lmao
When I played it backward I distinctly heard Dolly saying, "Worship my breasts. Worship my breasts."

Right! That's on her GreatesTits album.
Robert Plant gave a "thumbs up" to Dolly's remake.
Nrchy, perhaps you could expand on your overated opinion with a little more intellegent response. Could you please explain how a group that shaped Rock N Roll and had as big of an influence on groups as any band in history could be possibly be overated.
Maybe because what was recorded on Vinyl never matched their live show. I saw Led Zep twice and both times I was disapointed,Bonham and Page were to drunk to rock both times. Led Zep to me was a band I loved, and still do. Each album was a masterpiece up to 4 and then they jumped the shark.If Physical Graffetti had just been one album it could have been in that catagory too."Stairway to Heaven" was not the first initial single off that album and when i first played it and stumbled on to that little nugget at the end of side one I was in awe. Then it started being played on the hour every hour on FM/ AM and now I can't even stand to listen to it anymore.I still listen too them when i want to get it going but Led Zep influenced my life more than the Beatles and their first album rocked my world..
Nrchy is just bustin' our chops guys.