REM remastered?

Greetings. Last weekend in a cd store I found a "1999 remastered" version of Document in one of those mini-album sleeves. Had Limited Edition sticker on the oustide of plastic wrapper. Does anyone know if the entire REM back catalog has been remastered? I went through several websites (Tower, Amazon, etc). I found Limited Edition CDs of all sorts but could not find "remaster" in any of the verbage. Also, if any of you have compared the remaster to the original please include your opinions. Thanks.
Nomad, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs did a lot of REM reissues directly from the original master. These would be the best recordings you will find.

MFSL went out of business in 99 but REM always comes up on ebay for a premium. Do a search under "REM MFSL" and you will find much of what you want.
I think "Document" was the only remaster done by their label. Other than that, Metaphysics is right...Mobile Fidelity released "Murmer" and "Reckoning" on CD and 200 gram vinyl. They're fairly easy to find...apparently there wasn't a huge audiophile demand for don't pay too much. I honestly think they usually sell for less than their original retail price. Check out
Fortunately most standard REM Aluminum CDs have decent sound quality and some are very good, good thing because they have many great CDs! There are some MFSL gold REM Cds available, as others have stated, for a premium price.
I have not heard them so I can't compare to standard CD version.

I also believe the only Aluminum CD remaster currently is "Document" 10/1999 edition, the one you found. The 1992 IRS "vintage years" edition of Reckoning adds 4-5 songs to original album, but not a remaster.
Thanks for the info guys. I plan to contact to owner of store where I bought the 1999 remaster version of Document to ask if he knows if they did or plan to do any more. If I find good news I will definately post it. Be seeing you, Jeff