RELL or Velodyne DD??

Velodyne DD series or Rell subwoofers?
Will the Velodyne DD stand up to the Rell stadium III.
With Velodyne's new Digital Drive room management technology are they going give Rell some competition in the high-end two-channel market?

I’m starting to check out subs. I have a pair of Wilson Benesch Arc’s and I think a sub would sound fine with this speaker.

I have never owned a subwoofer. Any input is welcome.
Couple of forums to read through:

As I see it, Velodyne.
Velodyne. No contest!
IMO Rel's are more musical than Velodyne's. So, if you are going for music only or heavy music, go with the Rel. If you are going with mainly HT, go with the Velodyne. Good luck.
Eldarado -

Have you heard the DD's or basing your decision on the prior HGS or yet, F series subs?

I just set up a pair of Revel Sub 30s with my Revel Salon system. There software may make them the easiest of all the subs to set up and sound great without professional installation. I know a good source(I'm not a dealer!)with great prices and would be glad to let you know more if interested concerning their setup. I have investigated subs and read many articles for the last 6 months before purchasing. These babies are awesome. See the reviews in Stereophile and Audio Revolution for more info.
Don't be confused the DD series with the HGS series. I used to own the HGSII prior to switching over to the DD. The DD is
quite a bit better than the HGS.
I have heard the DD series I think it is a very good sub but, not as musical as the Rel Stadium III but, that is just my opinion. I am definitely not knocking the DD series at all just expressing my opion.
I bought a Stadium III precisly because of the advice that Rels are more musical. I cannot say that this is true. I am looking at one of the Velodyne's as a possible replacement.
Hstokar - can you give details? Do you find that the Rel Stadium is not suiting your needs?
I strongly considered the Stadium III (and one of Thiel's subs), but for my room (which is very cut up and has numerous issues requiring EQing), the DD series was the better way to go. I have been absolutely thrilled with the performance of my DD-12.