Religious music for less than devout

We have a thread " Jazz for someone who doesn’t like jazz. " In a similar vein perhaps "Religious music for the less than devout".

"people get ready" - Rod Stewart
"Amazing Grace" - Jessye Norman
2009 "Duets" - Five Blind Boys of Alabama, The - entire CD
1988 "Sweet Fellowship" - Acappella, the entire CD

In 1989 I was working in NJ, I may have been the only guy on the job who did not know he was working for the Irish Mafia. I would lend people the CD "Sweet Fellowship" and they were willing to pay for it but never return it:

"Here is $20 kid, go buy yourself another cuz youz can’t have mine back. Now don’t ever ask me again."


Do you have a recommendation for Brahms' German Requiem on cd?
If you're streaming on any of the services like 'Pandora' go to Contemporary Christian, Gospel Bluegrass or an artist like Michael W. Smith or Avalon. I don't like everything, but I consistently find 'thumbs up' songs that are interesting and well recorded. 
One word for Christian music - Skillet! 
It may be mentioned here, I haven’t read the whole thing, but Jonathan Schlitt of Head East went to Petra and John Elephante of Kansas went solo Christian, It is good music.
DC Talk had a couple of songs hit the top 40 Charts.... I’m thinking of "Flood".... Jars of Clay had a couple get in there. PFR & Audio Adrenaline rocked quite well.
Jon Anderson from Yes, did a song with 4 Him called "The Only Thing I Need"   Also, Mumford & Sons has alot of Christian overtones. 
There is actually a fair amount of Christian music that is good music regardless of the emotional connection.