Reliablity of Jolida equipment

I understand this is probably a "thread" that has been asked before...but as a working class stiff with tight the so-called tube "glow" worth it in terms of tube replacements,biasing, the $500 used level...would a solid state terms of low the better option...I am not one for "modifying" or tweaking equipment...I just want decent sound...
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I don't think that I would worry too much about the tubes. A friend of mine has the 502 that he has had to send back to Jolida twice, both times for a bad transformer. If I were you, I'd look to buy a used McCormack DNA 0.5 ss amp. They sound great and are built like a tank. Just a thought for you, good luck.
As far as I could tell I would say the quality of their products seems very good especially if one considers the asking price. I own two of their pieces (JD-102b and 301) and I'm very impressed so far.(I only wish they had an tape out as standard equipment.But this can be added by either dealer or at Jolida, I believe.) Also, there isn't a headphone jack.(But lots of equipment do not offer this as well.) So having said all this, I would recommend you check out the 50/100w hybrid int. amps they carry.($500/650 retail). Really isn't any more maintenance other than replacing the pre-amp tubes and these last for quite a long time. Find a retailer who will let you addition in your own home to see if they suit your tastes and needs. At these prices you could afford to buy "new." Every piece of equipment interacts (synergy) diferrently...along with other factors,, placement, tastes etc,etc...That's why it's real important to audition in one's own home. The Jolida int. amps are very impressive in sound/value/and price IMO. Personally, I can't speak for the reliability of Jolida products (having only owned for a short time) but they seem well built and should hold up well. Just to confuse you some more, the Audiolab 8000S is being blown out (50% off retail) but you probably wouldn't be able to audition and the warranty/service/synergy? Lots of choices!
Good Luck. Bill
I purchased a used Jolida JD1501(hybrid integrated amp)a little over 1 year ago.It has been maintenance(biasing is not necessary with the integrated amps) and trouble free.For the money;warm sound with power,clean with a nice soundstage and enough inner detail.I've been extremly pleased with mine and consider Jolida to be a budget audiophile bargain.Best of luck.
I've owned or placed with my friends about 8 Jolidas over the last two years and have posted detailed comments on multiple threads. Search using Jolida.
I have gone on record a couple of times in the past saying how much I enjoy the sound of my 302B. I purchased this unit NEW from the Jolida dealer in Seattle. I actually had this unit for sale on the 'Gon, but pulled the ad when the unit started acting up. I have had to return the unit twice to the dealer, and the second time it was shipped to Jolida for inspection. Not only was the transformer bad, but the whole power supply board was shot, too. To their credit, they replaced all the offending parts, QC'd the unit, and sent it back at no charge. I've had it for about a month, with no trouble and great sound, but I'd be less than honest if I said I wasn't still a bit worried. Gosh it sounds nice when everything is working, though...
Thank you all for your responses...I have decided to stay with solid state...for now anyways...maybe used Conrad Johnson down the road...happy listening!
If any of you guys think that changing a tube is 'high maintenence', get a Bose Acoustic Wave.
Someone told me: you get what you are paying for, that's how it is, but there are exceptions. I owned Jolida 302B for 2weeks. There were rattling parts inside when I got it, I opened it up and found loose nuts rolling over the case inside, no big deal.I was listening, adjusting bias, changing tubes, and doing like this again and again.
Now I have BVaudio A30S and it looks like I will stick with this unit for a long time.