reliable changer mechanism needed

Yes, I know, "don't use a changer," but I can't help it, my listening sessions are hours long and I don't want to get up and swap discs.
I bought a Denon DCM-27 refurb in Feb. It has frozen up on me 4 times. Last night it jammed so badly, I had to rip off the warranty seal to remove the cover. The carousel had jammed, but the transport thought the CD was in the right place, so the grab attempt was botched. The CD was wedged against the carousel. I pulled it out with needle nose pliers (tips wrapped in duct tape), jury is still out on whether or not it got scratched. I was not about to ship this changer to the manufacturer with $70 of music inside!
So...need a suggestion for a reliable changer...Onkyo? Integra? (gasp) Yamaha?
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I have five Sony Megachangers - they have never jammed except when I moved them and some CD's dislodged. I have used them nearly every day for about eight years.
My story is similar to Shadorne's, I have 4 Sony universal 5-disc players, and have never had a single problem with any of them for about the same amount of time and used daily. I have had several more expensive players in the past, Denon 2900, McIntosh MVP-861, Sony SCD-C333ES, that have given me nothing but grief.
i've had the same experience with my many denon changers--they sound good but build quality is extremely shoddy. i'd recommend integra--quiet, reliable and extremely cheap on ebay.
Keep checking the SonyStyle site for refurb 595, usually $60. I have used these for years, never a problem. It does not get any better then this.
4est - I want to get there eventually, but its just too expensive to do it right. What gear would you recommend?
Sid42 - interesting that the 333 gave you grief, I thought these were some of the more reliable changers out there. Disappointing to hear that. I used a Yamaha changer for 15 years, not a single jam or freeze-up.
Loomis - I've read your posts about Integra before, leaning toward this or the Sony 595 per Buconero. Sidenote - Best Buy recently quit carrying the 595.
Thanks for all the comments. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with the Rotel RCC-1055? Been looking at these for a while, they're pricey, but it would match my amp...!
Just wanted to let y'all know that the disc my changer jammed up on, GusGus' Polydistortion, is not scratched. We can all breathe a sigh of relief.
remo, if you're up for dropping the $$$ the rotel and the arcam mcd (which i recently sold) are probably the best changers extant---to my ears they sound about as good as their makers' well-regarded single disc players. the older rotel 955 is also very good. if you're using a good external dac (which i am with the integra), you might not find the differences cost-effective.