Reliable burn-in service for cables and outlets

Hello Audiogoners' I am looking for a reliable source to provide burn-in service for AC outlets and various cables. based on your experience, is there someone you can recommend. On a side note, please share your experience and let me know if burning in process and cryogenics really has a positive effect on sound. Thanks for your kind responses.

Burn in will not turn a Sow into a Silk Purse .. it will not turn a $199 dac into a $10K state of the art performer  

What ever the original sonic characteristic of the component is burn in will not change that 

What does improves with burn in is .. Dynamics .. treble and bass become  more extended ... midrange always sounds very congested like your talking with a cloth pin on your nose ... this will improve and the sound stage sounds congealed like a ball in between your speaker ... most enjoy a good center fill ... but the congealing sounds as if everyone is playing shoulder to shoulder with no space in between them  like you are on a crowed subway car ... this will also come to pass with time and the sound stage will open up and spread 

Some claim things get warmer but I think that is the annoying midrange congestion going away

One of the easiest ways to accelerate break in is to use a Purist Audio Design break in disc ... run the disc as prescribed for 6 cycles or about 7 hours continuously and it will get you most of the way there ... if you listen to the test tones when you first play the disc they will sound obnoxious but at the 5 hour mark you will hear the test tones sound much cleaner and distinct

A side benefit to running the PAD disc is it will cause the insects
and any small rodents to vacate the space

As far as cryoing .. I found it a mixed bag .. I've had ICs S/Cable Power Cords .. Outlets .. Fuses and RCA and speaker binding post connectors done

I every case the effect was immediate and perceivable  .. it makes the presentation sound dead silent ... a very eerie type of quietness ...  like walking into a library .. the silences is deafening ... but it is also dull and dumbed down lacking in something that just draws you into the music

Less fill or more taste .. your chose .. I think there are other ways to reduce the noise floor that don't effect the presentation ... JMO    


Dave thanks so much for your insightful comments. The main reasons I posted the question is that I am installing new Romex 10AWG dedicated on a 20amp circuit to supply power to my equipment (250w SS amp and CD player). I plan on purchasing cryo treated Romex and also have a Furutech GTX-D Rodium outlet. I was curious if paying extra to cry treat the Romex was worth it and also having the outlet go through burn-in on a cooker. You seemed to confirm that it is. Thanks again  and best regards.
For you interconnects, use this free pink noise generator on line.
Use the pink noise up full, feed it into your interconnect, terminate the other end of your interconnect cable with 1/2w 1kohm resistor let it run all night. all week, for what good it will do.?
Cheers George
Thanks  George. Much appreciated. Cheers
Just hook everything up and listen to music.
What tpreaves said..

If not this is what I've done to break in new ICs. Connect them from my tuner to my preamp and set the tuner to shuffle and let it play for weeks. Before that I would connect them from my CDP to my preamp and play different break in discs for 24/7 for about a month.
Things to remember. If your cables and power cords aren't Cryo'd they should be. Most high end cable manufacturers Cryo their cables but some don't. All DIY cables should be cryo'd. All wire is directional so if your cables and interconnects are unshielded try both directions to see which way sounds best. Break in devices and break in tracks such as the one on XLO Test CD and other test CDs are superior to breaking in cables using music. 

I experimented with my directional cables.

Flipping the direction of the IC's from source to linestage, the vocals become unintelligible and music sounds odd.Put them back as the arrows indicate, vocals/music fine.

Pay attention to those arrows!
Flipping the direction of the IC’s from source to linestage, the vocals become unintelligible and music sounds odd.Put them back as the arrows indicate, vocals/music fine.

Pay attention to those arrows!
Yes if you use rca interconnects with two wire (red/black) + shield, if they did it right thing, the shield is only connected to the black at one end.

This end is used to dump any RF collected by the shield to ground, at the least sensitive component in the chain, and should be the way the arrow points if there.

Cheers George
But, George, we're talking about unshielded cables. Don't be such a lump on a log.

So? little more knowledge is good, so long as it doesn't sprout from the book of voodoo.

Cheers George
It must be true what they say. A lot of folks on those islands in the Pacific are superstitious. So superstitious in fact they believe someone taking their photo is stealing their soul.

To answer the OP, years ago there were a few independent services offering burn-in. I don’t think they exist anymore.
Many dealers now have burn-in devices, I’d check with some of them.
Or you could buy one.

Take Five Audio in Canada offers burn in and Cryo services. I have never deal with them. I can only assume that they are reputable. Thanks
I worked extensively with Gene at Take Five Audio when building a tonearm wiring harness from scratch. He is a delight to work with. Patient, honest, and highly competent. Highly recommended!

Not used for cryo service but did have Take Five build me a special DIN to RCA I could use to burn in my phono cable. Quick, reliable service, and excellent build quality. So, FWIW, I would recommend them for individual cable work anytime.
Geeze.... You're selling you're mythical, unsubstantiated snake oil here too?

Geeze.... You’re selling you’re mythical, unsubstantiated snake oil here too?

Uh, shouldn’t you be standing out on a ledge somewhere?
Can't read or spell, eh? Not surprised.