Reliability/Repair Issues w/Sony 9000es DVD player

Every time I get ready to buy one of these used, it seems I read another thread by someone who's having trouble with theirs, or sending it off for repair. Does anyone have a grasp of how troublesome these actually are, &/or what are the usual problem areas? Also, is the warranty transferable, & how long is it (I've been told both 3, & 5, years)? And finally, where would someone in New England send a Sony product for repair? I'd spring for the extra $$ to get a new Sony DVP-NS999ES (with warranty), but I've read that the SACD performance is better with the 9000es, one of my main considerations. Thanks in advance for any info. or advice!
Never had a problem with mine (2+ years, 300+ movies).
Mine is rock-solid.
The warranty is 3 years.
SACD performance is very high-end.
CD performance is only "good".
It seems like earlier units had sticking tray problems. Other ones, seem to be having problems reading certain types of SACD. Maybe is just the product of making thousands of these units massively, but if it has generated such reliability buzz, then would you risk your money in such unit? I still remember getting an old, Carver amp, brand new back in 1988. I got two, one held out fine and the other one made a discharge sound, after I turned it off. I took it back to the dealer asking them about it. They brushed it off saying that it was common. Yeah right. From then on, that amp forever gave me problems. Dropping off on channel. I sent the unit for repair at least 3 times. None of those times they were ever able to do the job properly. I sold it for $100 back in 2001 in Audiogon. I told it as is it in the ad. That was the best thing I ever did.

Of course, I have moved on to more reliable and better sounding gear. Nevertheless, that incident told me a lesson. When you perceive trouble, even when the unit is new, you need to do something drastic about it. Maybe the Sony unit and their problems might be something worse that you might think.

I am sure that many people unloaded it, and maybe the problem repeat themselves continuously through different owners. Look at the lastest "dispute" column....Those two fellows are fighting over the unit we are talking about.

I would never spend money in such a controversial unit. Call me bias, ignorant or otherwise, but burned once, never twice.

This does not mean to invalidade good things that the unit does, especially the opinion of those owners that have not encountered the problem. But it seems to me that the unit had more than its share of major problems, therefore, of the numerous threads. Even I, who was not even looking into buy such type of universal transport became aware of its seemingly questionable reputation. What does that say?
I have had problems with mine not reading SACDs, sometimes it will not read one and the next day it the same disc will play! Also it is finicky about playing some DVDs and I get the 0013 message (unplayable disc). I can not believe Sony and the problems with their products, I recently bought a Panasonic TV because so many people I know have trouble with their Sony TVs.

BTW The warranty is 5 years, I do not know if it is transferable.
I have had mine for 3+ years and never any problem. What is this "sticky" drawer issue- totally smooth sailing with my unit atleast. SACD is very very good- CD is better than most "economical" CD players. Warranty is 5 years (and maybe 3 years in Canada-see some inserts in box which seem to differ). I have been very pleased with my unit. Cheers.
Great reliable unit. My kids watch many movies on it with no probs. I use it occasionally for SACDs and CDs when I am in that part of the house. It always works for me despite the tiny fingerprints smudged all over it. The only prob ever encountered was that it once didn't want to play the SACD portion of a hybrid disc. Next day after cleaning, it read it fine. Picky lasers, maybe? I don't know. Best Regards,
I own two, and have never had a problem with either. They are both heavily modified by Dan Wright. The stock version is quite decent, particularly with SACD. HOWEVER, modifications turn this machine into a completely different animal. SACD becomes VERY impressive, and redbook playback is brought amazingly close to SACD (assuming very good recordings, of course). One caveat: as with all individual components, it's ultimate performance level will be dependent on the entire system. The modified 9000ES can hold its own in a system of very fine components.