Reliability of Sonic Frontiers gear?

I would like to know of any experiences with reliability of older and newer Sonic Frontiers gear. I am interested in finding out what sort of break downs occur to either their preamp line up or their amp line up. What about reliability issues with SFL-2 or the newer Line Preamps?

I own an sfs 80 tube amp, kt90tubes... drives Mirage M5si's
it has individual tube biasing and is built like a tank. No reliability problems... Excellent copper cardas binding posts. Never a problem.. in fact, I leave it on for most of the day when I plan on listening.. in the winter, it will heat a 14x16 room! Bonus!
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I've owned the following SF gear: SFL-2, SFD2-MII, SFT, Line 3SE, and Power 2SE and have had absolutely no problems with any of their equipment. SF gear is extremely well made and they use only the highest quality parts. Anyone who has reviewed SF gear always comment on both their build and parts quality. SF gear is fully supported by Anthem.
I've owned several pieces of Sonic Frontiers equipment. Absolutely 0 problems. Never really heard of many problems from others either.
I've had many and only had one problem with a failed tube and resistor on a Power3. SF supplied replacement parts and detailed instructions to avoid packing and shipping($$$).

Otherwise, trouble-free for years.
I have not had SF gear, but Anthem. I had problems with both the integrated and also the pre amp. It sounds as though the sonic line didn't have these problems. Both units I had had volume pots that crackled as they were being adjusted. I had the integrated clean and it didn't help. The pot was just a poor choice. I think the problems stopped at the anthem line though.
I've used Sonic Frontiers pre-amps for near 10 years and the only problem I had was caused by ME-- when changing wires late at night with equipment ON etc-- you know the story. I can highly recommend their components. Cheers. Craig
I had a SFT Transport that would not track many disc's .

After sending the unit back to them , Sonic Frontiers answer at the time was my CD's must be made out of red book spec "nothing wrong with there $$$ Transport.
No repair , no refund, (even though these discs played on other players) to this day, I have never had another disc not play on my Meridian 508.24.

Finally, after posting my delema on one of the internet Audio sites at the time, Sonic Frontiers chimmed in supporting there claim that my Cd's were defective and refusing to help. This began sort of a thread war with the Chris's from Sonc Frontiers.
With alot of help from others on the net, Sonic Frontiers finally gave me my money back.

Anyway, don't buy a Sonic Frontiers Transport.
Had Power 3 and currently own Line 3 SE. As reliable as my Maytag washer. The ability to bias each power tube individually on the Power 3 is a big plus when tube burns out which will happen eventually. The parts inside the pre or power amps are beyond this world, easily surpass ARC or Conrad Johnson of the same price.