Reliability of Dutch & Dutch 8C speakers

Kal Rubinson gives a rave review of these speaker in Stereophile, but Darko, while agreeing that they sound great, seems to concentrate on the several failed units that were provided for review.  Anyone have experience with these speakers?
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I believe several of the early units provided for reviewers had a bad wire or something in the amp modules. I remember reading about it you might find something by Google. 
I really doesn't like the fan for cooling.
Wait a minute! FAN? Are the screws I see on the bottom of the speaker in images indicative of a FAN used internally? 

Can anyone give some insight on this? 
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I’m not too concerned what parts are used as long as they sound good and are reliable. They do sound good. I have had a failed amplifier unit though. 
Should have mentioned: the speaker was repaired promptly under warranty. 
Ah, I see in the review images the fan. Thank you.
So, how often does that fan turn on, and what is the noise level. I likely would not even consider a speaker with a fan. My room is so quiet that I likely would hear it. I do not accept any fan in any component. I'm not interested in introducing potential noise generating equipment.  
I have never heard the fans. If you listen to the speakers muted you may hear the fans. Don’t know. I usually play music through them. The flashing LEDs inside the base of the speaker and network ports are a little irritating though. I imagine they are part of the computer inside. Would be nice to be able to extinguish them when listening in the dark.