reliability of Audio Aero capitole mk II

Its definitely an awesome sounding tube cd player? Whats the reliability of the Audio Aero Capitole cd player.
NEVER A PROBLEM WITH MY MK1.Every once in a while something you own will have to face the soldering gun just like you face the dental drill...hopefully the latter not too often.If you are considering purchasing one, do it.
I have had excellent experience with the Mark II. There were earlier problems with the chips that were pretty much remedied with the introduction of the P4 chip. My unit was one of the first ones to come out with the P4 chip.

I use mine as my preamp. Of course it plays my CDs and I also use it with my DVd player and I run the audio through it's toslink connection for my Satellite feed. The latest version has an analog passthru so you could even run your tuner through it and avoid that extra switchbox. Older versions are upgradable to the analog passthru which involves replacing the circuit board and the back of the unit.

I can't imagine replacing it and if you do a search in the Audiogon discussion forums you will find some of the best praise for this unit that a CD player can get, at least since the introduction of the p4 chip and later versions.
I used to own one, mine had the p2 chip and worked flawlessly during my ownership. I had it upgraded to a P4 chip- to be honest I liked the way it functioned better with the P2 chip. I sold it and have not heard anything back from the fellow who bought it so it must still be trucking right along.

For the money that player can not be beat. Its so musical, you can listen for endless hours with zero fatigue.
Do not worry, this is history.
Some early MKIIs with software version P2 had a few operational problems, mainly with the remote. As far as I know the free MK4 plug-in software chip solved all the operational issues.
My Capitole has been on 24/7 for 2 years and never failed or refused to play a CD.
BTW the MKII with V. 4 chip plays CDRs, copy protected CDs (e.g. Norah Jones) and hybrid SACDs.
It plays wonderful, sensuous music and sounds very close to the master tape (IMO).