Reliability issue- PL-L remote

My remote for Nagra preamp PL-L malfunction after two hours of use.
i.e after two hours it stop controling the volumn and balance.Any idea what happened?
Maybe the tubes in the remote need replacement.
Boy that sure was helpful Porziob.

KCTHONG- Try removing the batteries from the remote and reinserting.

Or of course, new batteries.

Call Nagra Dealer if that doesn't work.
Seems strange, it's not like your remote gets hot and malfunctions. Hate to say it but could it be your preamp? Maybe you could try a universal learning remote and see if the problem goes away.

Good luck!
Thank you for all the advices.Tried all the above .Guess got to let the dealer handle it.
Nuguy, very likely you are right. I suspected the volumn and balance potentiameter malfunction. Usualy damage items under guarantee will be repaired by the manufacturer/dealer, in this case the pre-amp is so new, barely 2 hours, do you think it is fair to ask for replacement? You know, psychologically it is difficult to accept a "repaired brand new item"! Especialy for high end equipment.To be fair, sonically there is no problem.Anyway if I use the item for awhile (say ,weeks,)it is a different story.TQ
I would absolutely DEMAND a new replacement. If they send the unit for service you could be waiting a number of weeks. Hopefully the dealer has a new unit in stock, if not, I'd wait for the new as opposed to waiting for repair. Let us know what happens.

Good luck!!
I have a remote for a tuner, even though the batteries are new I have to tap it once in a while to get it to work. The battery contacts inside don't always make a firm connection.
Try the buttons at the top like 1-2-3-4-5-6. This has to be on number 1 for preamp. Push number 1 then try volumn