Relaxed, musical DAC around 2k used?

I tend to differ from many audiophiles in that I am very sensitive to treble and what is commonly referred to as detail retrieval. I want something musical that is forgiving to poor recordings rather than reminding me that I’m not listening an audiophile mastered album, something laid back that gives the sense of ease and relaxation I get from vinyl.

I’ve previously tried DACs like the Chord Mojo, ifi xDSD, and Sabre 9018 based McIntosh D150 and found all to suffer from weak bass and overly emphasized treble (sparkle, air, detail) which is not to my liking. I’ve heard through reviews that something like the PS Audio Directstream DAC might be more of what I’m looking for but at the moment it is out of my budget. 

I also see things like the Mytek Brooklyn and Benchmark recommended at this price range but I fear they will have the same emphasis as the above and won’t be what I’m looking for. 

Im very open to used gear as it gives greater value. Is there anything out there for me?
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 I have both Ps audio direct stream Dac  Senior and Junior. In my opinion they’re both almost identical in sound. The problem here is it’s going to depend on your system. It all starts with the speakers then working your way back. If your speakers are too revealing then you’re going to have the same problem I did Where these very expensive dacs  did nothing to calm the highs down. Also be careful if you do get one of these. At first they will sound silky smooth because they have not been burned in yet. The senior takes about 500 hours to burn them properly or more ,the junior around 150 hours. You can always order one and send it back within the 30 day..
 In the end my junior worked great on my office system with smaller speakers. I did an AB comparison with some other gear and realized that the direct stream had more depth and spatial sound. Both decks once burned in didn’t do so well on my main system. However after using Roon and their parametric equalizer now it all sounds great. Rooms eq was able to kill the high frequencies that were bothering me and let everything else through with a bit of added base.