Relatively small speaker with a "big" performance: Role Audio Starship SE model

My review on the Role Audio Starship SE speaker just went up on the Stereo Times website. If you are looking for a floor-stander that's relative small, but delivers reference level bass extension, the disappearing act of a two monitor, beautiful timbres because of using all natural fiber based drivers, and quad transmission line technology, take a look at the review for the details on this excellent speaker.  
Where can one find some measurements of these speakers? 
the disappearing act of a two monitor

What does this phrase mean?

Hey archguy,

Most well designed, reference level two-way monitors have the great ability to create realistic layered sound-stages with great layering of the instruments precisely located on that stage, and then the speakers themselves disappear into that illusion.

Hope this answers your inquiry.
^^ Yes, like a Genelec monitor ! I can find measurements on those how about this one?