Relative newbie with tt questions

Hello All:
Not a newbie to HiFi but just purchased a VPI HW19 Mk II to replace my old retired Sonographe SG3.
While I was really going after the turntable, the HW19 also came with what I believe is a Syrinx LE2 tonearm and a Grado MCZ cart. I cannot find any info on the Syrinx LE2 or the MCZ for setup or adjustment so if anyone has data, it'd be appreciated (especially anti-skate adjust on the Syrinx, and tracking force on the MCZ).
I am wondering if the MCZ is worthy of spending a few $$ on a replacement stylus (the one that is on there is pretty ratty looking). I have a Blue Point Special that has very low hours... is that a better choice for this setup?

All input is appreciated!!
you may find info on
Jaybo is correct, Syrinx made some good arms , they were made in England so English sites will have the most info. The vinyl threads on Audio Asylum are another possibility.
I seem to remember that Syrinx arms had bearing troubles. I could be mistaken
Very nice classic arm, but I also remember that Syrinx had bearing issues. However, if the bearings are not loose and the arm does not freeze up while playing an LP, I would not be concerned. I also owned the Grado MCZ very many years ago. It was a pleasant sounding cartridge, but was slow and thick and grainy compared to other designs.
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Thanks for the input guys.
Any comments on my cartridge situation?
I have an almost-new Blue Point Special as well as the Grado MCZ. Do you recommend going with the BPS vs. spending $$ on a new stylus for the MCZ? If I recall correctly, Needledoctor says "Grado isn’t making that stylus anymore, so you’ll have to go with the MC+, or ME+. Either will fit, while the ME+ will be the closest to the MCZ in sound quality.
I think these were priced at $50 and $90...
Grado says they have a MCZ replacement stylus for $150. Do you think it's worth it?
Again, comments appreciated.
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