Rel vs. Vandersteen vs Audio Physic subwoofers


I am planning to buy a pair of subwoofers for stereo. Have you compared Rel (Strata or Storm) vs. Vandersteen 2Wq vs. Audio Physics Luna?

What do you think about them?
I have not heard the Audio Physics Luna subs, but have heard the REL's a number of times, and own a pair of Vandy 2Wq's. I think that the REL and Vandy subs both do a fine job. I have a personal preference for the Vandy 2Wq's when reproducing music, because I think they integrate extremely well with the main speakers (due to the hookup scheme that Vandy uses). The 2Wq's are very musical, due in large degree to the use of three 8"-inch drivers that are slot loaded into the room (slot loading smoothes the frequency response.) The Vandy subs are best suited for use with full-range speakers having flat frequency response down to about 40Hz.

Ultimately, however, your choice of the REL vs. the Vandy subs is a matter of taste, and I urge you to audition both in your home system if possible.

Unfortunately I can not listen Vandersteen subwoofers. Take into account that I live in Spain. Rel subwoofers are made in England, and they are easier to find here then products made in USA. About the price... due to taxes, each Vandersteen is about 2500 US$ (2000 euros) here in Spain. This is a bit more than a Rel Storm III.

The Luna is a bit more expensive. It has only two 8'' cones, instead of three, but it is said to go as deep as 10Hz -3dB !. Neither Rel nor Vandersteen go as deep (at least, in the specs).

My main spakers are, at the moment, not very good. They are just a pair of Kef Q5.

I like all three constructors (not helpful, I know). For MUSIC alone, I have a slight preference for the Luna, ONLY in stereo (i.e., two Lunas). This MAY be due to the fact that the Luna was allegedly voiced using jazz & classical -- i.e. reproducing mostly acoustic & electrical instruments.

As to the 10Hz... I would expect any of the other two to be more authoritative in reproducing sub-bass (i.e. the SF channel in HT). BTW, loud 10Hz is not very good for the structural integrity of the house you know:)
Gregm, How could Rel and Vandersteen more authorative in reproducin sub-bass if their cut off frequency is higher?

Because they produce spls with more ease. It's not only the extension that counts, but also the (dba) level where the device maxes out (& distorts or, worse, develops a problem).
Thank you for your answer. Distortion is, in fact, higher with the same pressule level when power is lower.

About the 10Hz issue... Yesterday I obtained the spectrum of what I thought it was a 'boomy' modern disco CD. It has, in fact, low frequencies, but these compenents are below 30dB than the main boom-boom frequency around 40Hz.

This was a great surprise for me.