Rel vs. MJ Acoustics vs. Sunfire


Just seeing if anyone has had a chance to hear these subs and how they compare

Rel Q108
MJ Pro 50 MkII
Sunfire True Architectural Sub or another of their subs

I believe they're all in the same bracket.
I currently own a MJ 100MKII and love the fact it comes with a wireless remote. Much easier to set up then a Rel, imo. My sub isn't the deepest sounding sub but is surely one of the most musical.
Ever have the opportunity to hear the 50MKII? What are some other subs you've tried and how you think it compares?
Yes I've heard the 50 and its a little wimpy when compared to the 100. Even when compared to the ERA it seemed lacking. I think the 100 is the way to go, IMO.
I had a Sunfire, and it doesn't belong in the same group and MJ Acoustics and REL. The Sunfire is of the compact home theater genre of dinasaur stomping room shaking subwoofers, whereas the MJ Acousics and REL are of the few subwoofers truely disigned to augment music well.

If your preference is music and you want your speakers sound natural and 'larger' than they are, then REL and MJ Acoustics are the way to go. However, the MJ is made in England instead of China and has a remote with four programs which is very nice, along with a better price. For a musical sub, to me the MJ Acoustics is the clear winner. I have found those other, super deep room shaking subs to sound uncomfortable for extended listening and out of place with music.

If you love good music and extension and that is your primary reason for wanting a sub (and sicken a little in your stomach at excessive unsettling ultra deep bass that doesn't blend well), end your search for the ultimate musical sub and buy an MJ Acoustics.
Unfortunately, the subwoofer tests on seem to have gone dark.
IIRC, those tests showed that none of the products you mention are actual
SUBwoofers. They are (very fine)woofers whose performance starts to fall
apart below app 50hz or so (at 100db levels). This is probably adequate for
most musical sources.

However, if you want better extention, you might want to consider the
Rythmik audio subs (I just bought a pair, but haven't set 'em up yet.) They test
a lot like the RELs and MJ, but down to app 35hz. Below that, they start
encountering trouble. The JL subs get a little more extention and the SVS a
little more than that. However, neither the JL nor the SVS test quite as
"fast/tight" as the REL/MJ/Rythmiks.

Bear in mind, these comments are based on test results - not listening tests
(though I've heard REL extensively and own Velodynes). Take them with that
grain of salt.

BTW, the sub tests at (click forums, then subwoofer tests) are
still available. Unfortunately they don't show the particular models you