Rel t9x or Rythmik F12G

Trying to decide between these two. Similar price. I have a small room (11 x 11) and I am trying to compliment Klipsch Forte 3’s. Looking for the best sounding bass for music only. Anyone have experience with both that can expound on the differences? Amp is a PL Evo 400. I also use a Dynaco solid state rebuild amp.  Thanks


I highly recommend Rythmik servo subwoofers, which can probably control the expected low-bass reverberation problems in your small room. They include superior adjustable EQ, which works better than phone-controlled stuff. Your small room does not need two subwoofers

@condosound Other than the fact that I also highly recommend Rhythmic subs there’s nothing else here I agree with. First, the “phone-controlled stuff” that SVS offers incorporates the considerable benefits of DSP (as almost all better subs offer now) and has the ability to control far more than Rhythmik currently offers. That you can do it from the listening chair rather than running back and forth from the sub to the chair is a considerable convenience feature. Rhythmic is just really behind the ball here when it comes to incorporating DSP into their subs. I recommended the SVS subs for their size, performance, DSP, price, and their generous trial period along with their excellent customer support. That said, at a similar price I wouldn’t hesitate to also recommend the OP consider a pair of the Rhythmic L series subs or even better the F series if they’re in budget. Both are larger than the SB1000s, which may be a consideration in a smaller room.

And the size of the room doesn’t determine how many subs are required or optimal, and as most experienced folks here have recommended, two subs are better than one for many important reasons and four are better than two if room logistics and budget allow.

I’ve two Rythmik F12 and a pair of REL T/9x in my 2 channel music room. Rythmik’s on the from wall. One REL on each side wall. The Rythmik’s are much less costly, more detailed, and greatly more adaptable. Rythmik build quality and cosmetics are as good as REL. I’m selling the RELs that will be replaced by another pair of Rythmik’s.