rel T1, any good for music?

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I use mine for both music and theater.My front speakers (Canton Karat M-70) are far from bass shy.The Rel is connected to a Pioneer Elite SC 35 Receivier via both RCA(to subwoofer out) and Nuetrik from the speaker terminals.I have it crossed over at the lowest setting and it does a nice job filling in the bottom octaves.The sound is fuller with tighter bass on 2 channel music.I actually listen to a lot of vinyl on that system,with a Dual CS 5000 fitted with an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge.
I own the newer T7. It doesn't go really deep, but does a very nice job of integrating with the main speakers. If you are looking for solid sub 25hz performance, you might need to go to one of their larger models.
The answer depends on the size of your room. Meiwan's answer is probably correct for the size of his room, BUT that doesn't mean to say that the T7 would not be appropriate for your room, where it may drop down well into the bottom end. I am utilizing a rel T5 ( smaller brother to the T7) which in my room (very small) can energize the room with no problem.