I am looking for a sub to augment my Proac Tablette 8 Reference speakers. I want to spend $500. I could buy a new Rel T Zero or Rel T2 (A few online retailers still carry them) both for $500. While it's obvious the T2 would have more bass since it's an 8 inch vs. 6.5 inch woofer, any experience on which one has more tuneful bass?

Again, I don't care about quantity, more so quality.

Thanks in advance

Given the smaller driver size of the Tablette 8's, my experience is to suggest the larger T2. Reason I say is my Van L Speakerworks Quartette has a pair of 5.25" bass drivers. I recently purchased a pair of REL G-1's with single 12"'s. I'd worried about having "over-shot" the mark and should've gone for the G-2 with single 10" in thinking the larger [bass] driver would have over-powered the twin 5.25"'s in the mains. This has never been the case. The flexibility of the REL's in tayloring the x/over along with their inherent ability to improve the clarity and soundstaging of the mains has been remarkable. The larger bass driver benefits (markedly improves) sonic characteristics of drums - toms, bass drums - being able to reach that deeper, fuller initial "bang". One of REL's best, perhaps hidden benefits, is they pick up the last instrument in any recording - room acoustics. This brings in the most realistic aspect of the recording. Creepy-cool. Suggest taking the REL's as far as the budget allows.

Hope this is helpful.



Thanks for your advice - very much appreciated.