REL T-7 match to Kef 104/2's?

This is what i have:
Odyssey Stratos Monoblocs
Audible Illusions 2D
Thorens TD160 with Nag MP110
Arcam DAC
Audioquest interconnects
Monster speaker cable

I need more bass. Im looking at the REL. But its $1K for a single T-7.
i thought about the Kube to add more bass, but see more suggestions to avoid it when i search the subject.

Also, i would appreciate some speaker suggestions. Im a rocker and i tend to focus on used equipment. I'd like to try something a little smaller physically.

thanks in advance for your input.
Also wondered if a room correction device
such as
TacT RCS 2.0 digital equalizer/preamp would be an alternative to accomplish my bass interests.
Fivefasts, Monstercable speaker wire is multi stranded and will fuzzy up the sound. I really think you would be shocked to hear what a good solid core built speaker cable would do. Try some from or . After you fix that, I would re evaluate your bass. AQ Ic's are good sounding. Change that Nagaoka (un envolving no PRAT) out for a High output(4mv) Grado wood body prestige (very envolving and has Pace Rhythm Timimg) , much better sounding cartridge and is a perfect match for the Thornes TP16 tonearm. I have had both the MP200 and the Grado on a Thornes TD160. (a great place to upgrade for your system)IMO.
I just used a modest Infinity sub with my 104.2's, crossed over at 50 or 60hz, and they integrated smoothly and gave the Kef's a more solid foundation. If you want the 20hz stuff, that's a more serious investment. I'd say these Kef's are a pretty easy blend if you don't over power them with the sub.
thanks for the feedback
I've taken the sub on a 24 hour try-out.

I'm having some difficulty getting it dialed in.
i don't have much room in my office where my gear is set up and unfortunately the sub is right below my turntable which seems to be creating some feedback.

Electro, how does the Infinity hook up?

(The REL has a line stage hook up)
Fivefasts, they have line input, but I have no sub-out, so I ran the speaker wires to sub, then to main speakers. Probably not audiophile class, but it gave me what I wanted, and integrated seamlessly with the KEF's. Sometimes you just want to listen to Summertime Blues a little closer to what God intended. It’s all personal preference, but most subs are dialed in right when they don’t seem to be working until something with the real content comes along. Cheers.
i just picked up some mint condition Vandersteen 2ci's. They've solved a fair measure of the bass issue. I am also awaiting a Odyssey Audio Tempest that i bought… We'll see how that mates up to the Vandies and the Stratos Monoblocs.

MattMiller, i streamed some music through my Arcam rdac and found the music to be so much more engaging than through the turntable. In that, i think your suggestion to upgrade the cartridge is great advice but I'm going to post another question about turntable on the appropriate forum first.

thanks everyone.