REL Subwoofers help


I am dialing two REL S5/SHO subwoofers and am curiours about the crossover.  The instructions say most systems will be about 15 clicks from lowest setting (give or take 3 clicks).  The range on the knob on back of REL is 30hz to 120hz.  Does that mean if you go halfway its 75hz.  If that is true then seems strange that the recommended crossover is somewhere 52.5hz to 70hz.  

The above if true seems strange because my speaker crossover is 35hz +-3 hz.  So wouldnt it seem that the crossover should be at roughly 38hz?  But if you set at roughly 38hz the subwoofer is barely kicking in.  

I must be missing something......soundwise the 15clicks seems to be about right but I just want to understand where I am roughly setting the crossover

The Rel setup instructions are explicit in how to set the crossover and volume level. Read the instructions in the manual.

This is a summary of the instructions.

1) Turn the crossover all the way down
2) Play test track
3) Adjust volume until the sub blends with the mains
4) Adjust crossover until sub becomes noticeable and then reduce crossover and make small adjustments to find the proper crossover point

Basically disregard what you see visually and tune the Rel volume and crossover based on what you hear.
I spoke to REL and settings for crossover are not linnear...they recommended roughly 10 oclock 10 clicks as ballpark area to experiment with letting ears make final decision.

The REL manual has 15 clicks plus minus three so imho manual is a bit high as a starting point...I suppose if your speaker doesnt go much below 60hz that might be a good starting area
It really depend on your speakers low frequency response in your room. My speaker go flat to about 42Hz and roll of gradually from there. I run the crossover at 30HZ for a stereo pair of S5 SHO. Lower crossover and higher gain is the way to go. 
As mentioned REL has specific setup instructions... they work well. The 15 click thing, though referenced in the manual, is a big ballpark. Mine cross over at about 5-6 clicks above full down.