Rel Subwoofers

Anybody out there using REL Subwoofers with spikes. What is the recommendation use spikes or the standard feet. Please help.
I have a REL Strata III. I used standard feet until I finally settled in on placement and then changed over to spikes. Didn't really notice much difference in sound between the two. My flooring is uncarpteted Pergo laminate.
I have owned 3 Rel Strata III's, yet never had the chance to try out the spikes as I have oak floors troughout the entire house. It would spell disaster with a down firing sub on Tile, or Hardwoods. If you have carpet give it a shot? I doubt that you will hear any improvement? I used brown rubber furniture guards, & added self-adhesive felt pads under them. I place 4 of these under all my Strata's feet. It was a quick trip to the Home Depot, & less the $5.00 per sub system. It adds some dampening to the units. If you want to make dramatic changes, get a thin cork sheets for the top, & have a piece of 2" think Granite slab cut to size for the top, to weigh the sub down. For trial, have your significant other sit atop the Rel, with a towel not to marr the finish. The extra weight makes a major improvement with these light sub enclosures.

My understanding is that the spikes are for carpeting, otherwise use the standard feet. Coupling to the floor is important to the sound / effectiveness of the sub. This is the reason for the spikes on carpet - to penetrate the carpet/padding and contact the floor.

I have a Q150E and while I love the sub, the one annoyance I have is that it is so small and light that it can 'walk' to a spot where the feet don't all touch on the slightly uneven floor - and then it makes vibrating noises.

I had also thought about some kind of rubber 'grip' for the feet and also the granite slab. Just haven't done it.

Would be interested in other 'fixes' people have done in this regard.

When Bill Pugh of Sumiko was installing a Stadium III in my room, he recommended that I not use the spikes even though it was on carpet. For what it is worth, your mileage may vary.
I talked to someonw from Sumiko awhile ago. The gentlemen explained the sub works better without the spikes.
I just purchased the REL Q150E and so far so good. The owner's manual specifically recommended NOT to use the spikes with REL subs. They stated that it decoupled the sub from the floor and the design was such that each boundary, side walls, floors, etc. are used to reinforce the sub bass.

I am using the standard nylon feet on carpeting for now but I have always used spike for my other subs.