Rel subwoofer high level connections with McIntosh integrated amp

Hi all

Have anyone connected a Rel subwoofer via high level connection on a McIntosh integrated amp? I m running my speaker off the 8 ohm on the back of my amp. How do you connected the high level from the sub and the speakers. Thx 
Connect it to the same taps (4 0hm or 8 ohm) that you use for your speakers.  
If you are using bananas for your speakers then used spades for the rel leads and vice versa.

The rel isnt sucking any power from your amp just the signal...  
Doesn't matter which taps are used. No reason to add another connection to the ones used for speakers. Doesn't matter, because all these high level input circuits use a resistor, typically 20k Ohms to 50k Ohms. That is why it doesn't "suck any power". Its also why it doesn't matter which taps you use.
Great thanks. I wasn’t clear on the speaker connections. Didn’t want to short anything.  Again thx