REL subs with BAT amps

Has anyone used the REL subs run off BAT tube amps? I've run them off VTL and Manley but have never used them with my BAT amps (VK-150se) would love some input, having them run off speaker outputs. Thanks

can you suggest a B.A.T. integrated amp?
The BAT integrated is very nice.  I haven't heard the newest model, but would buy one of the previous model, if i was looking for an integrated.
you might contact Musicdirect since they sell both....I would be interested to find out what you find out .have or Rex mono's and thinking about sub(s)

I've got an email in to both BAT and music direct. I'll let you know what  I find out.


Mark Schneider at musicdirect said yes they can be used together. The black wire from the REL is used as ground (attached to amp frame somewhere) instead of the negative (black) speaker output. The other two wires attach as normal to the positive (red) binding post. You can call and talk to him at music direct for more info. How are you liking the REX monos?

Thanks for info the Rex mono's..very similar to 150 se I had and sold years ago. Missed sound.tried Plinius 103 pass labs 160.5  but came back to Bat's something was missing with other amps. Love sound and yes no fuses is a big plus.
I use BAT amplification with the REL b2. You don't have to attach the ground wire to the amp frame. The most convenient, and right way is to attach the ground wire to the BAT preamp's ground connector. That's what I did, and that's what's described in my REL manual for the balanced amps. You can, of course, attach the ground wire "to amp frame somewhere", but why?

For me it would be easier to attach to the amps. My preamp is close to 30' from amps,  and possibly farther from subs depending where they end up.