REL Subs: have you changed the stock cables?


I recently got a REL Strata III. Has anyone changed the cables; speaker wires and power cord ontheir REL sub. What did you change it with and was the change an imporvement?

I spoke to a REl dealer and he mentioned that there really was no need to change the cables since they were really made to bring out the best in the REL.

I am thinking of changing my PC and wires but did not know if it wuld make a difference.

Thanks for the input.
I found a better power cord was worth it.

I don't have one; but many others have gotten good results with a custom XLO Neutrik cable ordered through The Cable Company.
I have the XLO Neutrik cable on my Storm III and it took the bass another step up in quality: it sounds even faster and tighter. I'm using Synergistic Research Master Coupler as a PC.
I have the XLO Neutrik cable on my Storm II as well. I agree with Markiii, it makes a huge difference. As does putting a better power cord.
Check out this link...

thanks guys. I'll check on the XLO's and dedicated audio. Joel