Rel Sub Woofers..Any Experience

Have a set of Martin-Logan SL3's. Researching subwoofers. Interested in the Rels's ie, Storm 3 or Strata 3. Any comments from folks who own SL3's and have these subs in their systems? Don't want to break the bank with higher priced systems over $2000. Thanks, Steve
There is a redundancy of threads regarding REL subs. Try , there is a review available of the REL Strata II written by Robert Harley. Do yourself a favor and read it in its entirety. Everything said in that article is absolutely true and can be applied to all of their subs. I upgraded from my Strata II to III, and could not be happier.
I have CLS's (full range esl's) and listened to the Strata in my system. Really good integration and, surprisingly, improvement in imaging which I did not expect. I'll try the Storm next. IMHO, this is the ONLY sub that can be matched with ML esl's. So far as hybrid speakers like yours, I have no experience. REL is the only way to go with my speakers, though. You might give the Vandersteen a try -- not up to the standards of the REL in my system.
By the way, talekd to the folks at ML recently. They are close to bringing their own sub to market. They are pointing to the home theatre market (with ML hybrids) so I'm not sure how this will sound in a pure audio environment. Nonetheless, this is being designed around their current speaker line. Supposed to come out early next year as I understand it. You may want to contact them for more info. Really helpful people.
How do Rel subs compare to Hsu Research VTL-2? I also own Martin Logan speakers
One of the great things about the REL's is they are very easy to integrate with any system and any listening room. They operate with your speakers. They can be adjusted at 1 Mhz intervals. There is no crossover between the preamp and power amp cutting off and or changing the signal to the main speakers. The high and low inputs can be adjusted, and both be set up so you can easily switch from Audio (high input) to Home Theater (Low input) if you have a dual purpose system.
I have a pair of Quest Zs & have tried several subs & the only one I could get to seamlessly intergate with them was a Stadium 2.
Correction: The adjustment to REL's is actually 2 Mhz intervals on my Storm III
One cautionary note: RELs appear to not work well with certain amplifiers (dual differential I guess it is), such as my Pass X-150 and I believe most of the Krell amps. Special wiring configurations are recommended, but I could never get a satisfactory result with my amp and just punted on the REL. Perhaps I should have punted the Pass instead, but that's my story. Never could get a good explanation from Pass or REL, though they tried and I suspect both think I'm nuts, which may well be true.