REL Sub Woofer Tweaks

Being the proud owner of two REL Storm III Sub's I have noted the following from previous posts. One recommendation was to get rid of the supplied REL Spikes. I was fortunate to have the practical ability to drill, tap the matching thread per millimeter size, and to insert threaded studs into some Mod Squad Tip Toe's. The Tip Toe's were the perfect size, and I also used adequately sized fender washers as shims between the Tip Toe's and the REL feet for levelling purposes.

The biggest surprise was when I changed the factory supplied REL Power Cord to a Dedicated Audio " Pds " type.

I do not know how or why for the Power Cord but the difference was significant.

I advise all REL Sub owners to try the above changes, and I think you will be very surprised.

I have two subs also, and I need to know what pc are you using w/ them? Like a specific brand and where to buy them. Thanks
Nick T
I changed the supplied Neutrik speakon connector with a custom Neutrik connector from XLO. Results: Bigger and tighter bass. I use a Harmonic Technology power cord as well, (good bang for the buck). DJohn, am I correct in that, you added the Tip Toes under the existing REL feet?
I would like to get some advices from REL Storm owners.
1. What is the best power cord (reasonably priced - I need a long run)?
2. Did you upgrade Neutrik speakon connector and the cable?
Where did you get them?
3. What cable do you use for Low input?

Thank you.
I am using a Vansevers 211 power cord. Big improvment over the stock cord.
Homosapien, There a very few companies that make a Neutrik speakon replacement cable for REL subwoofers. Robert Stein of "The Cable Company" at custom ordered mine from XLO. Nice improvement. My Harmonic Technology power cord worked very well also, and is a very reasonably priced power cord considering its quality.
Dear NickT and Homosapien,
We generally have a few "dedicated audio™" power delivery systems(hence the name pds) up for auction in the power cable section of audiogon for less than retail. As David mentioned (thank you), our PC really improves the sonics of the REL Subwoofer line. As a matter of fact, I use a 2.0M "pds one" on my Strata III. The quality copper, shielding and terminations really bring out the best in the REL. We can also manufacture long runs for a fair price. Drop me a line at should you have any interest or questions. Also be sure to visit our web site at
Dan Harmon
dedicated audio™
Just an added note: Be it our cable or someone elses, in most cases with the high current subwoofers, best sonics are gained using a 2.0M+ PC.
Dan Harmon
dedicated audio