Rel sub question?

Wanting to find out if its possible to connect two rel subs using the neutrik speakon cables to one amp. Or in other words, one pair of speaker terminals? Any help or experience would be greatly appreciated....
Should be.

Connecting yellow and red together to the positive speaker terminal and black to the negative terminal.
thanks for response....just wasn't sure if there would be any ill effects on amp or not...?
What is the rest of your system?
I have 2 Stadiums connected and have done it the way Lapierre suggests but when I talked to Sumiko this fall they told me to connect the black wire to the amp ground terminal rather than the ground speaker terminal. I am doing this and it works, the other worked fine also. I am not sure what the difference is. I would check with them, they are very helpful and have a very good set up manual for REL on their web site.
You are less likely to get any grounding hum when you ground to the amp. There is no sound difference between the two grounding connections.
the amp that the subs would be connected to is a yba integre, which has no pre out. This is one reason why I went with the Rel and now there are many reasons why I want to stick with Rel and see what sounds come from having a second.....will check out Rel site for connection configs......