REL sub hook up

I have just become the proud owner of a REL Stadium III. I have one quick question. Can I run my main speakers (6ohm Sonus Fabers) off of the SPeaker A connections of my integrated amp, and run the REL high-level connection on the Speaker B posts? This would allow me to switch the sub on/off remotely since the integrated amp remote has speaker selection. I won't run into an impedance problem on the amp, will I? I believe not, but I just want a second opinion.
When set up properly, the Rel is powerful and deep, yet fast, seamless and unintrusive. So......why would you ever want to turn it off?
Yes, I see nothing that would prevent that from working, and it is the connection that makes the most sense.
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Just to add an observation: the REL is a powered sub, so your signal will be going into an amp with a 100k impedance. You will not be attempting to drive the unit's cone woofer, which in turn has an 8 ohm impedance. It should work fine.
I own a REL and what you are proposing will work fine.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I don't plan on turning the rel off, I just want to be able to make A/B comparisons at times. Thanks a bunch!

I've got my pair of REL subs hooked to the second pair of speakers terminals on my 2-ch amp -- but the amp doesn't have a speaker selection switch.

It shouldn't be a problem - however - engaging the 2nd pair of speaker outputs with the switch will change the signal path.

Wjile Superman might hear the difference - you'll only hear the REL kick in.