REL sub connecting both high and low question...

I'm using my Rel Strata III for both 2ch stereo and Home Theater. Thus my Rel is hooked up with both rel supplied high level input and the .1 LEF input.

My processor is Meridian 561. I set it up so that for stereo all the signal goes to my main amp internally crossed at 38hz by Rel, and for HT crossovered at 80hz by processor.

I have no problem with stereo set up.

However, for the HT, I think I'm getting duplicate signals from both low and high side. I think I'm getting significant amount of signal from high level side which I think it doesn't make sesne...

Since my processor is not sending any signal below 80hz, and the rel is internally crosssovered at 38hz, why still produce a lot of bass from high level side?

Does my Rel supposed to still receive any signal from high level when listening HT? Isn't it supposed to cut the signal from high level when getting low level signals for HT?

Am I doing something wrong?

Anybody using REL and hooked up both high level for stereo and low level for HT?


Eandylee - I don't own the Rel sub, but I do have a question. Is it possible to not use the high level input, only use the low level (LFE), and allow the 561 to handle the low frequency "crossing guard" duties for both stereo and HT? Plus, like you said, use the Rel internal crossover at 38 hz. This should eliminate the extra bass from the high level side because the high level signal is eliminated.

Its just a thought.
Cd, You have three volume controls, use them. Have you read the manual? High and low input on the sub both have gain control. The Meridian has sub volume as well. The seperate volume and crossover for two channel is what these subs are all about! Let the Meridian handle the HT and blend the high input in two channel mode. I have the same sub, I love it! Happy listening, Z.