Rel sub cables-Is it worth it to buy custom made

I'm using the Rel Strata 3 and have it connected to my amp via the umbilical cable that comes with the sub. Would one benefit from having a custom cable made using high end wire?
Hi! Just purchased the REL Strata III and am having it installed with my HT system next week (hopfully, if things stay on schedule). I did order custom cables for the REL. They look great, I just havn't gotten a chance to listen to them yet. I have heard the REL with the factory cables. I'll let you know if there is a difference.
Be careful: I think these cables are designed to have high impedence (or capacitance?) so as to not intefere with the amp communication with speakers.

I ordered a shorter pair of cables from REL (or you could cut yours down) figuring that shorter is better.
I would think that you would want low capacitance, and you could accept high inductance, since the sub is only interested in high frequencies. Resistance is not an issue as there's very little current.

In short I'd think that the REL supplied cable would be pretty good in this respect ... just cut to length as shorter is always better.