Rel sub cable options

I want to upgrade the neutrik cable on my Rel Storm III. Has anyone compared the Kimber Kable and Rel Blue cables? The Rel is almost twice as much (but also twice as long).
Spend your money on a DSPeaker product and use affordably priced low level RCA or balanced interconnects to have unrestricted room placement of the subwoofer and direct amplifier to speaker connectivity. Or better yet put your money towards a REal direct radiating JL Audio E sub.

Most all other powered subwoofers offer high level connectivity as a secondary connection option to be used with single output pre amplification.
GutWire in Canada has just finished creating the GutWire Congruence REL subwoofer cable. It isn't on the web anywhere yet, but will go up to our site soon. I've uploaded a picture here:

It will be $450 CAD for a 8ft cable and $20 CAD per additional foot.

For me, I prefer it over the REL Bassline Blue. The nice thing is that you're not having the signal go through so much extra cable as the REL cables are very long. You order the length you want. I find the sub disappears incredibly well with this cable which really adds to the transparency.

Configuration: Red (right), White (left – equivalent of the REL yellow wire), Black (ground)

• Conductors: Multi-Stranded High Purity Oxygen Free Copper
• Insulation: Low dielectric Polyethylene
• Shielding: 100% Copper Braided Shielding
• Connector: Direct gold-plated Spade

I haven't heard the Kimber, so I can't compare to that, but I thought I'd mention this as nobody would know yet that GutWire is a great option because it is so new. I'm using the very first one on the market.
Regarding the extra long stock REL is actually VERY easy to cut it down in length to any size that is needed. I think there is a nice increase in SQ when one cuts the cable to the minimum length required. Just be careful you don't cut too much..:0)
That's true Daveyf, you can definitely cut down the length on the REL cable and that would work very well, but you'd lose the factory terminated spades. You'd just have to re-terminate with the connectors of your choice or go bare wire.
I just had audioArtcable make me a pair for my T-3s,I was blown away by the increase in low bass power and dynamics.I upgraded to the SC-5SE on Robs advice and I have no regrets.
Everest, I don't know what cable you are supplying your customers, BUT the cable that came with my REL was not terminated at the amp end. I added spades as an upgrade.
Daveyf, I was comparing the GutWire cable versus the upgraded REL Bassline Blue which comes with spades. The REL cable that is included with REL subs provides bare wire on the amp end.
I've been using a Rel Stadium 2 for over 10 years and just added another one (big improvement with room node reduction and increased smoothness overall) but I called Frank at Signal Cable, told him the length(s) I needed and he made me custom lengths to replace the stock Rel cables.
*Dramatic difference? No.
*Well worthwhile in extra dynamics,speed and detail: yes.
Am not familiar with the brands/models you've mentioned so I can't compare but changing from the stock cable seems a likely improvement... FWIW, I will never use stock power cords nor will I buy any component with captive power cords unless I swap in an IEC connector to allow aftermarket cables as the improvements are profound; but that's a whole other can of worms not worth opening. Good luck.
I love Neutrik connectors (years in pro audio) and find it's really simple to build
cables using these things. Get a shrink wrap setup (for the amp end) and off you
go...I replaced my REL cable with some well designed cable (Canare...made from
ground up small birds) I bought someplace and although it's not solid core like
most of my other hifi stuff, it sounds great. The REL was working fine prior to my
"new" cable, but since it's a sub these things are harder to quantify...I
will say the "speed," accuracy, tonal balance, odor, power, subtlety of
nuanced dynamic variables, increase in variability of non variable variables, and
dust rejection of the open weave speaker grill have all improved by exactly (I
measured this with an Exactness Measuring Device) 4.3%. Totally worth it.