Rel Studio Subwoofer

Anyone out there have any info on the Rel studio subwoofer? Can find info on the studio version II and III but not the original studio if there ever was one.The blue book only lists mkII and mkIII even sumiko lists the studio III as still available maybe was before sumiko bought Rel out.
A great sub!!!Don't worry about the numerical designations!
It would like a fairly large room,to breath and do it's magic.Not too close to a corner.Built to outlast it's owner,for sure.Alo,if you are getting,or own one....don't go high in the gain setting.Go for bass timbre as opposed to BIG bass.
Best of luck.
Thanks for the info I would be using in an 19x14 with an attached dining room thats 10x10 and 8'ceilings. I would be using with wilson sophia speakers just two chanel and do you own one of these units and do they connect the same as the II and III version with the neutrik connection also mite be either upgrading to the sophia II maybe just maybe wilson wp 7s and the amp is a krell fpb series.
I have a Stentor series II!All Rel stuff has been fanatically designed.The Studio is an amazing product(regardless of designation).Don't even think about worrying about it!!You will be greatly rewarded with ALOT of placement experimentation.Guaranteed!!THEN you can track me down,and send me a nice bottle of wine.
Best to you,and stop worrying.
Yeah just don't let anything happen to it because if you do, Sumiko won't fix it but charge you an exorbitant fee just to tell you it's bad. I sent my amp in and they wanted over a thousand for a new one. I think these subs are way overpriced and you could better for the money.

I'm at the mercy of Sumiko right now with my Stentor III! No different than Harmon with Levinson's repairs! They've got you by the b...s and they know it.
I know Statman and at almost 5k new I expected too much thinking this sub ought to last longer than a few years without major repairs. With all the choices out there anybody looking to spend some serious money ought to look else where. I know I would if I had it to do over again.
Sadly anything electromechanical can have repair problems.
My Stentor is happy at eight years old.
My Levinson CD player,developed a very minor problem and was repaired PERFECTLY at a nominal charge,and was done in 1.5 weeks!It sounded better when it was returned,than when it was new.Madrigal charged my half of the original quote.
If we approach these companies professionally,and tell them what we require,as consumers,and "why" we bought their products in the first place,my experience is that "they" usually go out of their way to keep us happy!
Of course mentioning that we frequent Audiogon,and speak about their stuff doesn't hurt!
The best subwoofer is none if your room is done right and your speakers are good a sub woofer is a bad idea. It can only make your sound much worse!! And if you do use them then you need 2 for good soundstage!!
I agree on the repair comment as I've had lot's of stuff go bad over the years but this sub was NOT very old and they would NOT repair it so I'm NOT a happy customer. My TV needed repaired and it cost $150,and Sumiko wanted $1000+ and didn't even try to fix it.
Remember the old adage; a happy customer tells 10 people an unhappy one tells 100. That's what I intend to do.
I'm just giving my opinion and hope I can save someone from going thru what I did.
If you'd like Rel owners to chime in at this point, I for one would be happy to do so. I've had my Stadium 2 for about 8 years so far. It's worked flawlessly the entire time and is typically left ON for 24/7 most of the time. Have had no experience with Sumiko (I bought it from a local dealership back then), and if it continues its winning ways, I probably won't have to, so I can't attest to them. My experience has shown me that a well designed, well built subwoofer (as these Rel's are) will very often add that last bottom bit of bass extension which even the most extended full range speakers didn't know they'd appreciate in your room. The other really nice advantage I find even more compelling is the added degree of "locked in place" imaging reinforcement they have on the soundstage. Not subtle; remarkable. 2 subs may certainly be better if perfectly matched in performance and dialed-in placement but definitely NOT necessary to fully enjoy the benefits just described. YMMV of course, just my personal experience with the product line. One thing for sure... I've been through 3 different speakers in three different listening rooms (each one happily in their own ways) and they have all benefited from the one constant: my Rel. New speakers are upcoming soon and I have very little doubt again, the Rel stays. Good luck and happy Lissn'n.
To be honest with you I think there are better subs than REL for the price. Even if I never had any trouble with the Stentor I still think it was way overpriced and now that they won't fix it, it's useless. All I'm saying is do your homework before shelling out this much money in case it does need work. I wish I had.
Norton,why would Sumiko NOT repair the sub?
Which subs would you recommend that would equal the performance of the REL's for less money? Thanks,
I don't have a clue. They said my amp board looked "stressed" and I needed a new one. Going to get a second opinion.
Norton,there are many independent repair/modify places around,these days.Some quite dependable.Why not try some of these?
I do know a guy in NYC named Lewis Mansky,who is "expert" at much of this stuff.He could be of help,if you are nearby.He is very capable,and an extremely nice guy.I believe he is very reasonable in the stuff he does.
I have not spoken to him in a while,and only bump into him at trade shows these days,but you should be able to look him up,if you so desire.
Thanks Sirspeedy. I'm going to have a local repair place take a look at it but I'm not going to hold my breath. I may be using the cabinet for firewood this winter.
Also with the local "hi-fi" shop being a thing of the past there is no choice but to shop on line and take another chance with a different brand.
Supposed to be very similar in build/sound to the REL's of the previous generation (before the britania models)
Btw,Norton(or anyone else interested),though I can definitely sympathize with anyone going through equipment failure problems,we ALL go through this.We simply have to get used to the fact some stuff can have problems,at times.
I've had my share,and currently one of my dear audio pals had his mega expensive tube phonostage go Crakatoa!!He was NOT happy!
As to the REL issue...before Sumiko(always a seemingly fine outfit to do business with,from my perspective)acquired REL,these were made in England,I believe.I thoroughly researched my Stentor before purchase,and looked at many contenders.My desire was to have a superb unit to "perfectly" blend with my irreplacable,(and God I love these speakers) Avalon Ascent MK II's!!These speakers have amazing (lower mid bass on up) detail and natural timbres.They are amazingly coherent,and embarrass the vast majority of the "super imagers",in that area.Easily comparative to today's absolute best,regardless of price( as long as the room is not too big).They are a sealed box design,and are bullet fast( as in accurate).One hundred and ten pounds of external crossover.So a really good blend of "very low" frequencies HAD to be a "perfect" match for my main speaker.
This is about the REL,and not an ego piece,so I appologize if it seems otherwise!
My audio friends were adamantly against me getting any subwoofer(btw,EBM,who made a negative comment on this thread is one of them,and he NEVER owned a sub,and admits to commenting just to be a contrarian,but he's a very nice guy in general)!!
I had previously owned three different BIG Infinity speaker systems,of which two of them were four tower affairs,with HUGE bass output.I was NOT looking for this,but only wanted to underpin my main lower midbass,which currently blew away my Infinity,in detail.
I even looked at the HUGE Wilson subs,but the price was prohibitive,though not out of the question.
So the Stentor II was offered by my dealer,at a money back guarantee.I got a fair price of 3200 dollars.I NEVER asked for my money back,obviously,and although it took me an eon to get right,the blend is seamless.I only use a tiny amount of gain,and come in at 24hz,with a position two feet from back wall,and side wall,in my 22x 13 ft room.
My REL manual states..."This product will probably outlast the original owner"!I believe it!!....unless you like to blow the wall down,I guess.
As to the Sumiko asking price for repair(only an opinion,obviously)..I would assume the board in question is fairly complex(crossover/amp circuitry)and maybe hard to match with the "original" REL of England type.They may be forced to give you a new board,which at the 1,000 dollar asking price,may not be out of the norm.It's a judgement call,for you,I guess.
Best of luck
I bought the REL too because of everything I read on here and elsewhere that it would blend well with my speakers. I personally don't have enough patience to fiddle with all the settings and have limited placement opportunities because of the shape of the living room. Maybe that or something else but I never felt like that sub was worth what I paid for it so maybe that is why I am balking at their 1k+ price tag for a new amp. Well you live and learn and I sure wouldn't have bought it if I thought I couldn't get it repaired.
If the local shop can't repair it I'm back to square one as I can't live without a sub and I'm probably too stubborn to buy a "new'' board so the thing will probably just sit.
Thanks for your correspondence you seem like a very nice fellow.
Norton,in today's ever expanding world "anything" can be rectified.You just have to be vigilant,and stubborn.Don't even ask me to relate the last 18 months of my life,as to this subject!Trust me...ANYTHING can be accomplished,with stubborn vigilance.
Don't give up,regardless of outcome.You deserve to get the "promised" performance of your investment.
The REL stuff has gotten a good rep,for a reason,and I am one person(though why take my word for it,as I am a total stranger)who NEVER expected this level of "quality" bass integration,with a main speaker like I have.Believe me,I am a fanatic!Sad,but true.
As I stated previously,my audio pals(some extremely experienced hobbyists)were almost militant about my NOT going the sub route,but like Richard Dryfuss,in the movie Close Encounters,I simply "knew" something!
What I DO know,now,for a fact,is that the REL products are very effective "music" subs.I don't know about home theater etc,and don't care.They are extremely well made,designed,and WORK great!I am talking about "pitch" definition,in bass frequencies,which is hard to accomplish,but I want it!Unless as you have stated,you have no patience.Then it may be time to go the I-pod route -:)
Sirspeedy, Yes I have a mp3 player and it sounds fantastic for what it is but it would NEVER replace a good home stereo.
I started in the early 70's buying what I could afford and always, to the chagrin of my S/O, had a significant amount of money invested in ''hi-fi'' equipment. That's what lead me to REL. Trying to put together a great system and since there's is a complete lack of hi-fi shops around now, my only choice was to read and study online forums and reviews. Everything I read about the REL was positive. But after bringing it home and hooking it up I thought in the back of my mind I could have done better for that significant amount of money. It sounded OK with music but when i did play the occasional movie it did not keep up with the soundtrack of action movies. It would "bottom" out and did not have the output I was looking for but since I bought this sub primarily for music I kept it and made do.
I guess in conclusion since I never really was satisfied to begin with when I found out that it was going to take that much money to fix it lead me to where I am today. I still think Sumiko just charged me the handling fee and didn't even try to fix it since they couldn't even give an idea what was wrong with it just that it looked "stressed". Not very good public relations. That and nobody would ever call me back after I left a voice mail. I would never buy any of the products they deal with again and I'm still without a sub.
I'll stick with my REL once it's repaired. I have yet to find a sub that blends so well in my room when listening to 2 channel. It's awesome with movies also.It really pressurises the room when the right movie is played.
Norton,sorry for your situation.
Best of luck.
Sirspeedy, Thanks for all the positive input on the Rels. I lost out on the Studio however did manage to pick up a Stentor III locally so no shipping and according to seller is only two years old and only used about one year and it looks great. I hope it works out sound wise I know the sophias only go down around in the 30hz range Rel states the Stentor goes down to -6db at 11hz I think there would be a lot of info between 11hz and 30hz. And I will also keep in mind "Nortons" warnings on possible repair nightmares should they arise. It would be interesting to find out how his problem plays out for future reference. P.S. The unit also came with a ASC sub trap that the seller had the sub on top of not sure about that? And thanks again everyone for there input.