REL Strata III spikes

I have a REL Strata III sub. The interior of the feet have threaded holes that I assume accommodate spikes. Did spikes come with these subs when new. Assuming they did, is anyone using spikes and is there a noticeable difference? I'm wondering if spikes with floor isolator discs on a wood floor would make a worthwhile tweak.
I have two REL Stadium subs. They do come with spikes but I didn't get them either as I bought them used. I am using Star Sound cones on mine and it made a noticeable difference to me and others listening when we compared them with and without. I am a Star Sound dealer but am not sure of the current status of the company, the owner has had health problems in his family. But the cones definitely tightened up the bass.
Valinar, I don't think it comes with spike set. Mine didn't.
I don't know for sure but the manual talks about using the spikes as if they were included. I talked to Sumico about them and they were clueless, suggesting I talk to a dealer. As I understand it they not only import REL but now own the company so they should know if anyone did. They have fallen a long way from what they were in the old days when I was a dealer for them. The cones I mentioned have a matching cup available for wood floors.
They originally came with spikes.
The Strata originally came with spikes and Sumiko recommended to "not" use them. I don't with mine atop a sandbox.
Mine had spikes and I found they improve on hardwoods
Forget the spikes and forget the rubber feet. You may get better sound with your Strata III by doing what I did.

Turn it upside down and put a board on the now upturned rubber feet, with something weighty on top of that board. You may have to turn up the volume level a bit on the sub, but the bass should get tighter and more tuneful. I also found, contrary to common "wisdom", to keep it out of the corner.

Talked with Sumiko awhile ago. Recommended not to use the spikes unless on hard wood floor and not on slab foundation.
It depends who you talk to at Sumiko, I was given contradictory advice in emails by two people there about whether to use rugs under the subs. I used mine on concrete [with rugs] with the cones and they worked fine. Of course I don't know what the stock spikes are like; I have found that the brass cones are much better than the stock steel spikes supplied with speaker stands; you would expect this as they cost much more and are obviously of higher quality.
I was thinking I would go to a hardware store and buy bolts with the proper thread size and use a grinder to form a point. I would then use Isoclean support discs under them to both protect the floor and give isolation.
If you do this use brass bolts.