REL Strata III and Strata II differences?

What are the differences between the two. I'd like to get one used, but I haven't seen any used Strata III's (I haven't been looking long). I've seen a couple of used Strata II's. Does it matter which I get? If I use the couple hundred I'd save on a used Strata II to buy a decent powercord, would that make it better than the Strata III w/ stock powercord?

Stratus III has a larger amp; 100 watts instead of 60 in the II. The controls for setting the cut off frequency to integrate the sub is more advanced on the III. The III is available in real wood veneers. The II came only in Black. There was a III listed hear yesterday. Probably gone by now. Call Ambrosia Audio in LA; They will ship. Ask for Mike Smith, but anyone will do. They recently offered me a brand new III in Black for $1050. List is $1300+ for black. Wood veneer is $1500.

If you go to and view the listing for the Stratus III by right mouse clicking and opening it by itself in a separate window without the left menu; then in the address bar at the top of your browser change the III in the address to II; hit return; the info on the Stratus II is still on their webserver.

I'm not completely sure, but I think that the Strata II was a ported cabinet. The strata 3 is a sealed cabinet. I have heard reports that the strata 2 had some port noise (chuffing I think is the term) if excessive low frequencies were pushed through it (do you listen to organ music or dance music ?) I own a strata 3 and it's very good and very easy to integrate, but if I had found a strata 2 substantially cheaper (say around $500) then I would have probably saved the money. Should it not work out a strata 3 appears to have a much better resale price.
For me the power difference is important because I can't put it where it would like to be. If I had a Strata II it wouldn't get loud enough. If you can position it in a corner like the manual recommends in a small to medium size room the 60 watts will probably be enough for you. I got my Strata III in black for $1015 including shipping. Hope this helps. leo.
Thanks for the info. I don't mind paying ~$1000 for it new, so I'll probably do that. Does ambrosia have a return policy if you don't like the product (though I seriously doubt I'd need to exersize that option given the glowing reviews given to the Strata III on this web sight)? Leoturetsky, where did you get your Strata III? Was it $1015 for a brand new one? Thanks a lot!

You could easily sell it and get you money back if you don't like it (you will like it anyway). Your power cord idea is a must also. I found a cord no shorter than 2 Meters is best.