REL Strata 5 and Stampede NOT to be sold in USA???

My REL dealer told me today that Sumiko, the importer of REL, has informed him they will NOT be importing the new, hugely well-reviewed Strata 5 or Stampede remote-controllable subwoofers into the USA.
This is shocking news for me because I just sold my existing-but only-two-year-old REL in anticipation of getting one of the new models. Only a couple of weeks ago I was told the new subwoofers would be available here in October or thereabouts. I have now lost hundreds of dollars needlessly thanks to Sumiko's original, erroneous information. I really liked the idea of the remote-capable Strata 5, which allows remote preset selection of various settings (i.e., switchable presets when playing different sources).
I was also told by the dealer that Sumiko told him they would instead be importing a "Britannia" series of REL units – none of which would sell here for less than $2000.
My question? I'd like to hear which other subwoofers people are using with their B&W N805 speakers, for music primarily.
Sumiko seems to charge a huge markup for importing RELs. Frankly the price of new REL subwoofers is not competitive here in the US. I own a Strata3 which I bought used for $800, and for the price I'm very happy.
Other people have recommended ACI for home-grown subwoofers. They make a titan sub which is apparently pretty good, though cannot cross over as low as a REL (Though I doubt that would be a problem crossing with 805s, since they're pretty small speakers).
REL also makes the Rega vulcan ... perhaps that will still be imported.
I have also heard good comments about the Ruark Log-Rhythm subwoofer.
Lastly ATC makes an active sub, but I don't know if it's available in the US. And so do Linn. Their sizmik is quite well reviewed, but, again quite expensive.
You could also check MJ Acoustics, a British competitor of REL. They make similar subwoofers including the speaker-level connection and have good reviews. Their website is here and their US distributor is Technote America Inc., 813-630-5003.
I've had a REL Storm 111 for over 3 years, its a great HiFi sub for small speakers and small amps. This was used with B&W CDM9's and then 803's, but upgrading to a robust amp, Bryston 4BSST, eliminated the need for the sub.
I also found the customer service from both Sumiko and REL is lousy when compared to customer focused manufactures and distributors. Consequently I'm not suprised about their attitude. If you still need a sub I'm selling my redundant REL.