REL Storm vs Storm 3

Can anyone help with providing the difference between the Storm and Storm 3 Sub's? I am considering purchasing a used Storm and am not sure if it will be satisfactory for my needs (70% music, 30 HT). Are their any negatives for the Storm? WHat is it most comparable to?
I believe that all REL ST Ver.III series allows low and high level hookup enabling one to switch to either input. The high level is used for 2-channel audio and the low level for 5.1 LFE. The older REL's had both inputs but no mode switching. When switched to high level, the signal goes through REL's crossover network. In low level, it passes all of the LFE information straight through and you will have to use your processors crossover network for HT. Without switching on the older models, both signals are passed through and the bass output is doubled producing an overpower boomy bass. The Storms are very good for both music and HT as long as your mains don't go too low. Whether a Storm will blend in well with your system really depends on your mains. If you have larger mains, you may be better off with the Stadium.
The Storm III also has a bigger amp. 150 watts versus 100 watts in the Storm. The Storm III also comes in real wood veneers. The original is only in Black Brittex.

The original Storm is probably more like the Stratus III as far as performance.